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Wolf ZM 100W 100cm Wooded Handle

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Wolf ZM 100W 100cm Wooded Handle - WO-ZM10

The 100 cm long ZM 100 multi-star® Ash Handle is compatible with all WOLF-Garten multi-star® attachable tools. The high quality wooden handle, made from European ash, is very solid, sturdy and FSC-certified, as the wood comes from exemplarily managed forests. The non-slip surface, which is protected by an environmentally-friendly open-pored water-based varnish, ensures pleasant handling. The ZM 100 Ash Handle is shaped in the grip area and thus maintains an excellent feel. The anodized, rustproof aluminium tube, with its practical multi-star® safety lock, guarantees a safe and secure tool-to-handle connection.

  • Dimensions:     L: 100 cm
  • Material:     FSC-certified ash
  • Extras:     Shaped in the grip area

Made from Hardwood. Push button release on handle. Fits all multi-change tool heads. Snap lock connection works just like a car seat belt. Length 1m.

Wolf Hand Tools

Save valuable storage space and extra cost with WOLF’s patented Multi-change range of handles and tool heads. The tool heads snap in and lock firmly, then release instantly when required - just like a car seatbelt. This unique system means you can use the same tool head for close work in beds or to reach the backs of borders with just a simple change of handle. Very convenient and value for money too. The WOLF Multi-change light® range is compatible with all WOLF Garten tool heads and handles.

You simply choose the special lock-in handles in lengths to suit your height and/or gardening needs, then attach any of our wide range of interchangeable tool heads to them. That means everybody in the family, down to the youngest ‘sprout’, can have fun making the garden grow.
With such a complete range of handles, you need never bend or stoop painfully to perform any gardening tasks. You can fix the same tool head to a variety of handles – our push-pull weeder, for example, and work the front, middle and back of a deep border or rockery quickly and comfortably. You aren’t likely to tread on any valuable plants either.
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