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Wolf High quality sowing, innovative fertilising – our solutions for a greener garden As usual, long-term planning pays off – Wolf fertilisers for new lawns as well as for the maintenance of an existing lawn. Our high-quality blends of seeds have a better yield and the grass is denser and more resilient to the forces of nature. Unlike cheap mixtures, the maintenance of our lawn needs significantly less time, as the steady growth produces almost one third less cuttings. Quality matters – not quantity! When it comes to fertilising and seeding, it is all about sustainability. This is impressively demonstrated by our long-term fertilisers with BioActive ingredients and by our most recent development, the BluePower lawn fertiliser of the latest WOLF-Garten generation. Nutrients are provided on demand, to the areas of the plant, which need them most – our focus: A sustainable and efficient result!
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Wolf Long-Lasting Lawn Fertiliser ((Special Offer))
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Wolf Long-Lasting Lawn Fertiliser ((Special Offer))

Long-Lasting Lawn Fertiliser.

WOLF-Garden long-lasting lawn fertiliser provides lawn plants with all of the important nutrients they need. Only with WOLF-Garten can you benefit from the 3-phase effect: rapid-acting initial effect - nutrients released as required - long-term effect over 70 days. What this means for you: Rapid success in the form of a lush green lawn and less expense., as you can be rest assured that your lawn is enjoying the balanced feeding for up to 10 weeks.


  • Balances long-lasting fertiliser for use as maintenance fertiliser on all lawn areas.
  • The combination of nitrogen types - with immediate and long-lasting effects - ensures the even feeding your grass requires.
  • The gradual, dosed release of the nitrogen guarantees a long-lasting effect and prevents growth spurts.
  • The balanced nutrients ratio ensures the proper feeding the grass requires.
  • Our standard granulate is dust-free and resistant to abrasion, providing it with outstanding spreading properties.


Ideally 3 applications over the growing season, using a spreader: in the spring (March/April), in early summer (June) and late summer (August/September). For beter initial effect and irrespective of the weather conditions, we recommend that the fertiliser be well watered in (at least 30 minutes).

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