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New from STIHL, This Multi-System Tool allows the user complete freedom and versatility to perform a wide variety of jobs without the expense of buying multiple machines. The unit needs no tools to exchange attachments and carries the usual STIHL assurance of quality.
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Stihl MM 55 Multi Engine Unit
code: S1-MM55
Stihl MM 55 Multi Engine Unit
£480.00£389.99Please call 01822 614053

Stihl MM55 MultiEngine

At the heart of the MultiSystem you will find the Stihl MM55 MultiEngine, comprising of a powerful drive unit and a frame which is robust and up for the job. Powered by a 27.2cc 2-Mix petrol engine which provides high torque over a wide speed range, fuel savings of up to 20% compares to a Stihl 2-stroke engine and exhaust emission are reduced by up to 50%.

The housing is made of an impact-resistant polymer material which is robust, lightweight and durable ensuring your machine is easy to handle without compromising on quality. The controls are conveniently positioned for easy operation to ensure this MultiSystem is easy to guide and allow you to work without tiring whilst the simplified start up sequence is much easier than the previous MM55 model. Designed with a multi functional gear box which can easily be changed from forward to reverse.

The MM56 frame can be quickly and easily folded into a compact space which allows for easy storage and transport. Excellent for clearing paths, open spaces or to soil tillage this system enables you to do it all with just one machine with 7 attachments available separately.

This model comes complete with the wheel kit included but note no attachments are included as standard -
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Stihl Kombi  System MM 55 Engine Unit
code: S1-4601 200 0022
Stihl Kombi System MM 55 Engine Unit
£440.00£349.99Please call 01822 614053

With the STIHL MultiSystem, you'll be ready to tackle a wide range of tasks from aerating lawns, cultivating soil to cleaning surfaces. The core component, the STIHL MultiEngine MM 55, complete with wheel kit, can quickly and easily be combined with the STIHL MultiTools.
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Stihl Multi-System Wheel Kit 4601 007 1008
code: S1-4601 007 1008
Stihl Multi-System Wheel Kit 4601 007 1008
£42.50£38.99Please call 01822 614053


Allows the tool to be lifted slightly, thus reducing the friction when brushing, sweeping or dethatching. Also improves the manoeuverability.

  • Fits KW-MM and KB-MM
Stihl Multi-System Weight Kit
code: S1-4601 730 4500
Stihl Multi-System Weight Kit
£33.50£30.29Please call 01822 614053

Weight Kit

The ideal supplement for picking or crumbling. Increases the weight of the tool so increasing the pressure on the ground and thus the depth penetration.

  • Fits Machines BF-MM and BK-MM
Stihl Multi-System Aerator RL-MM
code: S1-4601 740 4600
Stihl Multi-System Aerator RL-MM
£65.00£58.50Please call 01822 614053


Uniformly perforates the surface of the lawn so that it can breathe again, thus considerably improving the supply of nutrients and root growth.

Stihl Multi-System Dethatcher MM-MF
code: S1-4601 740 4601
Stihl Multi-System Dethatcher MM-MF
£150.00£135.00Please call 01822 614053


Removes moss and matted growth from the surface of the lawn quickly and thoroughly. Complete with guard extension.

Stihl Multi-System Bristle Brush KB-MM
code: S1-4601 740 4602
Stihl Multi-System Bristle Brush KB-MM
£155.00£139.50Please call 01822 614053

Bristle Brush

Thoroughly removes deep splashes or dirt or stains from paved areas or uneven natural stone surfaces. Complete with guard extension.

Stihl Multi-System Sweeper KW-MM
code: S1-4601 740 4604
Stihl Multi-System Sweeper KW-MM
£210.00£189.00Please call 01822 614053


Effortlessly removes dirt and rubble, sand, gravel, wet leaves and even snow. Ideal for sweeping pavements, pathways, roads and lawns.

Stilh Multi-System Bolo Tines BK-MM
code: S1-4601 740 4606
Stilh Multi-System Bolo Tines BK-MM
£65.00£58.50Please call 01822 614053

Bolo Tines

Outstandingly suitable for spreading fine sandy soil, for marking rows in the soil or for crumbling large lumps of earth, e.g. between free standing plants.

Stihl Multi-System Cultivator Blade
code: S1-4601 740 4800
Stihl Multi-System Cultivator Blade
£16.00£14.40Please call 01822 614053

Cultivator Blade

Varies the working depth and speed when cultivating the soil by lightly lifting or lowering the tool into or out of the ground.

Stihl Multi System Edger FC-MM
code: S1-FC-MM
Stihl Multi System Edger FC-MM
£35.00£31.50Please call 01822 614053


Neatly trims edges by cutting deep into the roots. Also ideal for cutting out patches of lawn to be transplanted.

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