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ABOUT SHINDAIWA... Company Background Shindaiwa is a leading Japanese manufacturer of professional-quality outdoor power equipment, including trimmers and edgers, brush cutters, chain saws, hedge trimmers, blowers, sprayers, cut-off saws, PowerBrooms, and models featuring the revolutionary C4 Technology®. Shindaiwa markets its products around the world. Shindaiwa Technology Shindaiwa products represent the latest in 2-cycle and hybrid 4-cycle engine technologies, reflected by outstanding power-to-weight ratios and features that promote longer unit life, quieter operation and reduced exhaust emission. The company solicits user and dealer input on product performance, comfort, and safety. Then, Shindaiwa Hedgecutters build its equipment to the tightest tolerances in the industry. And, each Hedgecutter is run and carefully adjusted before it leaves the factory. The Displacement Myth Some manufacturers would have you believe that the only way to a powerful engine is large displacement. But at Shindaiwa, we know that compression, port size and shape, carburetion, and a host of other factors come into play as well. That's why Shindaiwa machines deliver more horsepower per unit of displacement than its competitors'. To get equivalent power from them, you have to buy a unit with a bigger, heavier engine that consumes more fuel, generates more emissions, and is, often, more costly. Shindaiwa dares you to compare Shindaiwa's impressive standard features and reliability against models of equivalent horsepower. It knows you'll appreciate how much lighter, easier, and more efficient is a Shindaiwa.Shindaiwa Products with a Custom Feel Shindaiwa matches components to the machine for a custom-built feeling from every product. It doesn't use the same components throughout our line like other manufacturers might. Its engineers design each product individually. They specify all the required components from shafts and outer tubes to carburetors and pistons, to handles in order to match the workload of the machine. You get the lightest, strongest, most powerful machines possible. So, if your Shindaiwa feels custom built just for you, that's what its engineers intended.
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Shindaiwa DH221 Petrol Hedge Trimmer
code: C1-DH221
Shindaiwa DH221 Petrol Hedge Trimmer

The Shindaiwa DH221 Hedge Trimmer is light, durable and economical.  Packed with features that professionals look for, Shindaiwa's DH221 model is built using the advanced technology, close tolerance manufacturing and unsurpassed craftsmanship that are the hallmarks of all Shindaiwa equipment.

  • Manufacturer's Warranty : 5 year domestic, 2 year commercial
  • Engine Displacement 21.1cc
  • Output: 0.6kW
  • Fuel Tank Capacity: 0.4 litres
  • Fuel Consumption at Maximum Engine Power     : 0.48 litres per hour
  • Blade Type: Double-sided
  • Effective Blade Length     : 428mm
  • Cutter Pitch     : 31mm
  • Cutter Height: 21mm
  • Gear Reduction Ratio     : 6.14
  • Daily Vibration Exposure Handle Left A (8)     : 3.9m/s²
  • Daily Vibration Exposure Handle Right A (8)     : 7.2m/s²
  • Guaranteed Sound Power Level (1000/14/EC)     : 108dB(A)
  • Dry Weight: 4.7kg
  • The warranty is subject to annual servicing
Shindaiwa DH232ST-24 Petrol Hedgetrimmer
code: C1-DH232ST-24
Shindaiwa DH232ST-24 Petrol Hedgetrimmer

The Shindaiwa DH232 ST is a high performance,lightweight and powerful double sided hedge trimmer,aimed at the professional user.Powered by a top quality 22.1cc 2-stroke engine with soft start feature,fitted with a 2-stage heavy duty air filter.Other features include a 0.4 litre fuel tank,a 21" double sided blade which is nickel plated - which is rust resistant,a triangle anti-jammer is added for smooth and stress free trimming,with a cutting pitch of 35mm.Spring supported vibration isolating system,needle bearings in the gearcase to provide extra durability and long life,rotating rear handle.Light weight at only 4.6kg.5 year warranty for domestic use/2 years for commercial use.

  • Engine Displacement : 22.1cc
  • Output : 0.6kW
  • Start Assist System : Soft Start
  • Ignition System : CDI
  • Fuel Tank Capacity : 0.4 litres
  • Fuel Consumption at Maximum Engine Power : 0.53 litres per hour
  • Carburetor Type: Diaphragm
  • Blade Layout : Double-sided
  • Effective Cutter Length : 484mm
  • Cutter Pitch: 35mm
  • Cutter Height: 24mm
  • Gear Reduction Ratio : 4.6
  • Daily Vibration Exposure Handle Left A (8) : 2.4m/s²
  • Daily Vibration Exposure Handle Right A (8) : 3.5m/s²
  • Guaranteed Sound Power Level (1000/14/EC) : 103dB(A)
  • Dry Weight : 4.6kg
  • The warranty is subject to annual servicing


Shindaiwa AH243s Articulated Double-Sided Pole Hedge Trimmer
code: C1-AH243S
Shindaiwa AH243s Articulated Double-Sided Pole Hedge Trimmer
Shindaiwa AH243s Articulated Double-Sided Pole Hedge Trimmer £675.00£573.75

Shape really high hedges just as easily as low ones with Shindaiwa's new AH243S Articulated Hedge Trimmer. Powered by the Shindaiwa 230-series powerhead, proven through years of reliable service, the AH243S Articulated Hedge Trimmer adds another efficient power tool to the Shindaiwa lineup of professional-quality landscaping equipment.

The original and best. A light and poweful articulated long-reach hedge trimmer. It's 22" double reciprocating blades make it perfect for trimming tall hedges and low ground cover.

  • Engine  Shindaiwa-built premium 2-cycle engine
  • Ignition  Fully electronic, 1-piece 
  • Carburettor  Walbro WYJ diaphragm 
  • Clutch  Automatic centrifugal 
  • Bearing construction   Ball-and-caged needle 
  • Air Cooling  Forced-air cooling
  • Piston  2 Ring
  • Cylinder  Chrome-plated
  • The warranty is subject to annual servicing
  • Blades  Double reciprocating, double sided blades 
  • 10 Position adjustment - range 150 degrees
  • Air cleaner   Semi wet-type with single thumbscrew access
  • Crankshaft  3-piece
  • Handle and Throttle  Yes
  • Dry Weight  5.9 kg. (13 lbs.)
  • Displacement  22.5 cc (1.4 cu. in.)
  • Ouput  0.8 kW (1.1 hp) @ 7500 rpm
  • Fuel Tank Capacity  600 ml. (20.3 fl.oz.)
  • Fuel  50:1 Petrol/Oil Mix
  • Overall Length  235 cm. (92.5 in.)
  • Blade Length  56.7cm
  • Blade strokes per minute  1790 @11,000 rpm 
Shindaiwa AH2510 Articulated Pole Hedgecutter
code: C1-AH2510
Shindaiwa AH2510 Articulated Pole Hedgecutter
Shindaiwa AH2510 Articulated Pole Hedgecutter £675.00£573.75

Shindaiwa AH2510 long reach hedge trimmer,2 stroke C4 engine,low noise/weight and emisions.The Shindaiwa AH2510 long reach hedge cutter features a patented engine design which delivers the best of both 4-stroke and 2-stroke engine technology and meets the strictest exhaust emisions regulations.It has a high torque 24.5cc engine (1.1 hp) which runs on a 50:1 mix.The cutting head adjusts to 10 different positions through a range of 150 degrees,the eficcient 22" double sided cutter blade folds back on the shaft for easy and safe storage.Large fuel tank and a Walbro WYL valve carb for all position use and excellent throttle response.Chrome plated cylinder with 2 ring piston design. Shape any hedge with our AH2510 and AHS2510 Articulated Hedge Trimmers. Both are powered by Shindaiwa’s revolutionary 2510-series powerhead and feature durable StaySharp chrome-plated blades that remain sharp longer and cut more precisely. With more flexibility, length, and range of motion, the AH2510 can handle any hedge – high or low.

  • Fuel  50:1 Petrol/Oil Mix
  • Shindaiwa C4 100% pure Japanese Technology® engine
  • Adjusts to 10 different positions through a range of 150°
  • High torque engine delivers 1.1 horsepower (0.8 kW) U 7,500rpm
  • Overall length: 93.2" (237cm
  • Range of articulation: 150° with 11 locking positions
  • Fuel tank capacity: 20oz (590ml)
  • Vibration Wide Open Throttle Rear  10.6 m/s²
  • Sound Pressure Idling  74dB(A)
  • Sound Pressure Wide Open Throttle  94dB(A)
  • Efficient, double-sided cutter Blades fold back for easy and safe storage
  • Standard Equipment  Harness Goggles
  • Low noise characteristics of a 4-cycle engine 
  • Better fuel economy 
  • Shindaiwa ONE™ 50:1 2-cycle mix - No Dipstick!
  • Dry weight: 14.0lbs (6.36 kg)
  • 5 Year Domestic Warranty
  • The warranty is subject to annual servicing


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