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These durable secateurs are ideal for general purpose or specific needs such as dead heading, thinning of young branches, shrubs and flower stems.
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Bacho px-m2l Secateurs (Medium Left Handed)
code: EM-PX-M2L
Bacho px-m2l Secateurs (Medium Left Handed)

Part number

Specifications - Cutting head tilts vertically and to the side
- Ergonomic, shape and size tailored to hand size
Benefits - Cut with your wrist kept straight
- Hands do not become fatigued or start to ache
Properties - The blade dimensions are tailored to the work being performed
Technical information - PX handles are available in three sizes to suit the user's hand size: (S) small, M (medium) or L (large)
- Three cutting head sizes available depending on the area of application: 1, 2, or 3
- PXM2L for left-handed users
Unit Each
Bar code No
Weight (g) 331
Handle L
Max branch diameter (mm) 20
Bacho P121-23 Bypass Pruner
code: EM-P121-23
Bacho P121-23 Bypass Pruner

Bahco's light, sturdy and practical secateurs are suitable for all types of pruning work in the garden. Bypass secateurs are particularly suited for green wood.

  • Locking mechanism with wire clasp at the end of the handle.
  • The razorsharp narrow pointed blades are non-stick coated.
  • Cutting Capacity. 25 mm /1in.
  • Size 9in/230mm.
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STIHL Secateurs Entry Level Model
code: ST-0000 881 3604
STIHL Secateurs Entry Level Model

Stihl Secateurs for green wood. Entry level model.

STIHL Secateurs Universal.
code: ST-0000 881 3637
STIHL Secateurs Universal.

Stihl Universal Secateurs. Integrally moulded plastic handles, for green wood.

STIHL Secateurs Professional Level
code: ST-0000 881 3638
STIHL Secateurs Professional Level

Stihl professional secateurs for green wood. Forged, integrally moulded plastic handles, replaceable blades.

STIHL Anvil Secateurs With Insulated Handles
code: ST-0000 881 3639
STIHL Anvil Secateurs With Insulated Handles

Stihl Anvil secateurs for dead wood. With insulated handles and replaceable xylan-coated blades.

  • For Dead Wood
  • Insulated Handles
  • Replaceable Blades
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