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A Mini Tiller / cultivator will revolutionise the way you work your ground. The very latest technology used in all our Mini Tillers ensures a trouble free and efficient days work with lightweight features to minimise fatigue.
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Mantis Border Edger Attachment 3222 ((Special offer))
code: M1-3222
Mantis Border Edger Attachment 3222 ((Special offer))

Makes it easy to beautify your property with sharp, clean edges around paths, flower beds and bushes. Wheel and hardened spring-steel blade attaches easily to your tiller.

  • Cuts neat, crisp edges where your flower beds meet the lawn. Maintains a sharp edge between lawn and gardens.
Mantis Crevice Cleaner Attachment 8222 ((Special Offer))
code: M1-8222
Mantis Crevice Cleaner Attachment 8222 ((Special Offer))

For 2-Stroke, 4-Stroke and Electric Tillers

Removes dirt and debris from cracks and other hard-to-reach places, thanks to 34 tough steel bristle brushes arrayed around a sturdy wheel. Great for removing grass, moss and weeds from crevices in paths or between paving slabs. Shown with optional wheel set attachment.

Saves hours of time and backbreaking work! Quickly cuts through weeds, dirt, and debris. Easy to use. Fits on either axle. Comes complete with balancing wheel and fender.

Mantis Lawn Aerator Attachment
code: M1-4222
Mantis Lawn Aerator Attachment

Cuts into the soil under your lawn with four sets of tempered steel "knives," to permit easy absorption of water, oxygen and nutrients. Perfect to use in compact, clay soil. Aerate before overseeding or spot seeding your lawn.

  • Reduce soil compaction to let in air and water, which promotes the activity of beneficial soil microorganisms, and encourages healthy lawns.


Honda FG201 1.9hp Mini Tiller
code: R1-HEFG201REG
Honda FG201 1.9hp Mini Tiller
Honda FG201 1.9hp Tiller £599.99£529.99
Digging Tynes£88.99
Aerator HP06727-799-003£69.96
Border Edger£50.35

The Honda FG200 Tiller. A Honda tiller will take all the hard work out of maintaining your flowerbeds, lawn and vegetable plot.

With many optional attachments available, the extra-lightweight FG200 is an ideal all round lawn care tiller.

Benefits of the FG201 Tiller

  • Revolutionary 1.9 hp mini 4 stroke engine.
  • Variable working width of 160-230mmand a rotor diameter of 220mm makeit suitable for light duty or intricate work.
  • Low vibration for comfort over long period of use.
  • Folding handles for easy storage.
  • Digging tine supplied as standard.
  • Optional lawn aerator and transit wheelslawn edger, and de-thatcher also availablecan now be purchased as a package - please contact us for details.
  • Lightweight design, only 14.5kg.

Dimensions:1160mm x 455 x 960mm.


Masport Home Gardener MK11 (Back by popular demand) Like NORLET Power Spade
code: F1-550901
Masport Home Gardener MK11 (Back by popular demand) Like NORLET Power Spade

The Masport Home Gardener, is a versatile multi-tool cultivator, which is powered by a Briggs & Stratton 3.5hp engine. The working width of the cultivator can be adjusted from 430mm to 300mm, making it ideal for using in smaller areas. The machine is very easy and comfortable to use on uneven and rough surfaces, thanks to its wide handlebars, and large wheels. The optional accessories turn the Home Gardener into a very versatile machine - the attachments include a lawn edger designed to tidy up the edges of your lawn, a brush attachment - ideal for cleaning your patio area, and an aerator attachment, which is designed to break up tough soil, and is ideal for churning up weeds in your borders and vegetable plot.

  • Width 17"/43cm
  • Briggs and Stratton 3.5 hp Engine
  • No Belts (Solid Shaft Drive)
  • Ballast Weight for hard ground
  • Weight  37.5kg


Honda FG110 Mini Tiller
code: R1-FG110
Honda FG110 Mini Tiller
Honda FG110 Mini Tiller £499.00£449.45
Digging Tines£95.00
Aerator Attachment £61.37£58.20
Border Edger £44.18£41.86

The extra lightweight Honda FG110 mini tiller will take all the hard work out of maintaining your flowerbeds and vegetable plot.  Many optional attachments available.  The Honda FG 110 mini tiller is an ideal all round lawn care tiller.

Honda customers deserve complete peace of mind.  Honda FG110 mini tillers are supported with the longest and most comprehensive warranties in the industry coming with a standard 5 year warranty.

With parts available next day at no extra cost (subject to an order placed by midday) the fully trained Honda dealer network are knowledgeable about your product and will minimise any inconvenience when servicing is required.

  • Honda FG110 Mini Tiller - Features & Benefits
  • Honda FG110 tiller
  • Y-shaped handle
  • Efficient 0.9 hp mini 4-stroke engine
  • Low Vibration for comfort over long periods of use
  • Folding handlebars, carry handle and transit wheels supplied as standard, for easy transport and storage
  • Optional Lawncare Kit includes lawn aerator, edger and de-thatcher.
  • 230mm Tilling width
  • 14Kg weight
MASPORT Home Gardener Multi-Tool Attachments
code: F1-MS-550019
MASPORT Home Gardener Multi-Tool Attachments

The Masport Multi-Tool Attachments are designed to be used with the Home Gardener Multi-Tool Cultivator. Turning your Home Gardener Cultivator into a versatile tool, that can be used for a variety of jobs.
The Attachment kit includes a lawn edger / cleaning brush / garden aerator

Cobra T24C Petrol Cultivator Mini Tille
code: H3-T24C
Cobra T24C Petrol Cultivator Mini Tille

The Cobra T24C Petrol Cultivator Mini Tiller Save hours of time and back-breaking digging with the easy-to-use petrol cultivator/tiller from Cobra.

The 2-stroke model features a powerful 42.7cc / 1.6 HP low maintenance engine powering four ground-breaking, revolving tines, each with six angled ‘teeth’, to make fast, almost effortless work of breaking up and turning over soil up to 20cm deep by 23.5cm wide in a single pass. Fill-up its 1200ml tank for approx. 1hr continuous use. Prepare soil for vegetable gardens, planting or lawn-laying quickly and effortlessly.

Being petrol powered gives you the freedom to work anywhere without restrictive and potentially dangerous cables.Plus, a set of wheels makes it very easy to manoeuvre the cultivator into position.
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Mantis 811005 Tiller Storage Rack ((BE QUICK SELL OFF SPECIAL OFFER))
code: M1-811005
Mantis 811005 Tiller Storage Rack ((BE QUICK SELL OFF SPECIAL OFFER))

The Mantis tiller storage unit securely hangs your Mantis Tiller out of the way. Ideal for garage, shed walls or use with a pegboard, this set lets you hang tiller attachments from the rack too. Screw the rack into the wall at the centerline of studs, 16 inches apart, or bolt a wooden mounting board to the wall and screw the rack to it. The tiller storage unit contains all the hardware necessary, including seven pegboard-type hooks (long and short, single and double).

Mountfield  Lawn Care Kit
code: MOU200LCK
Mountfield Lawn Care Kit

Lawn Care Kit
This kit contains all you need to maintain your lawn in perfect condition

  • Aerator
  • Scarifier 
  • Edge trimmer
TCK Gofer + 52cc Petrol Wheeled Garden Multi-Tool - Line Trimmer / Tiller
TCK Gofer + 52cc Petrol Wheeled Garden Multi-Tool - Line Trimmer / Tiller

TCK Gofer + 52cc Petrol Wheeled Garden Multi-Tool - Line Trimmer / Tiller

The latest innovation from TCK Garden, Gofer+ the 52cc petrol engined multifunction tool, will revolutionise your idea of ??gardening.

Need To Save Space? The Gofer+ effectively replaces your trimmer and your tiller!  The concept is simple: with a single tool, you can perform most maintenance work on your garden. Maintain your borders with its head nylon thread and till your garden with its function tiller!

Unlike tools it replaces, the Gofer+ is mounted on a chassis with large wheels, resulting in the work being done effortlessly. Less equipment, less fatigue, less maintenance, the Gofer+ by TCK Garden your new partner for your garden. Simply attach the tool that you want to use on the garden to the 52cc engine and away you go.

Includes 2 Year Manufacture's Guarentee.

Efco MZ 2030 Compact Tiller ((LIMITED SPECIAL OFFER))
code: E2-MZ2030
Efco MZ 2030 Compact Tiller ((LIMITED SPECIAL OFFER))

Efco MZ 2030 is a compact rotary tiller which is ideal for domestic home-owners with small plots and gardens which often need regular maintenance. It is incredibly versatile with a range of accessories to choose from, and is ultra lightweight making it easy to transport and store.

The Efco MZ 2030 tiller is the ideal compact rotary tiller for the domestic home-owner whose small garden or plot of land needs regular maintenance. It is also great for a variety of other jobs such as preparing soil for grass seeding, digging up furrows for planting flowers, shrubs or even vegetables. It also provides an excellent performance when scarifying turf, and tidying lawn edges.

This tiller is incredibly easy to transport and store thanks to fully folding handles which makes storage space the least of your worries. With integrated engine guards, the machine can be rested upright which also saves considerable space in garden sheds. The engine guards also comes in handy when carrying the machine, making it exceptionally more stable. It also comes with a transport wheel which is superb when needing to transfer the machine between different work places.

The blades are very simple and easy to attach without any need for tools. They fit onto the shaft for straightforward adjustment of the operating width.

The MZ 2030 features an integrated on/off control which is situated on the hand-grip along with the accelerator lever for maximum accessibility and convenience.

It comes as standard with a set of 4 blades which provide an operating width of 30 cm. The rotors are independent to enable operation with only 2 blades which then reduces operating width to 15 cm and permitting work between narrowly spaced rows of plants.

The Honda 4-stroke engine makes this machine incredibly reliable and ultra durable. Being a 4-stroke, the Efco MZ 2030 tiller is environmentally friendly with fewer emissions, neighbourhood friendly with lower noise levels, and also economically friendly with lower fuel consumption.
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