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Loncin’s economical generator is not only economical, but also reliable and durable, Loncin’s strong commercial-grade engine Automatic voltage regulator (AVR) to automatically regulate voltage Lower oil level automatic protection Current overcurrent protection Frame-type generator support for overall protection
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Locin Inverter Generators LC2000i
code: W2-LC2000I
Locin Inverter Generators LC2000i
£749.99£559.00Please call 01822 614053
  • Rated power: 1600w, 120/230v
  • Green, low-carbon power supply of new generation
  • With powerful loncin 148F engine
  • High efficiency, magneto, medium-frequency generator of intelligent control on speed  
  • High reliability, frequency inverter technique
  • Gas cycle technology with two catheters, which is crucial to effect of the separation of oil and gas
  • PID closed loop speed control system, intelligent control on speed of motor, which can save at least 24% fuel.
  • SPMW technology, carrier frequency of the output waves is half of the traditional generator.
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Loncin Inverter Generators LC2000i-S-110V
code: W2-LC2000IS110V
Loncin Inverter Generators LC2000i-S-110V
£799.99£599.00Please call 01822 614053

The Loncin LC2000i-S is lightweight, powerful and extremely reliable. Although powered by a strong 79cc, 148F single-cylinder, 4-stroke OHV engine it's also consumes up to 25% less fuel and is very quiet, perfect if you're using it in a populated area. The inverter technology delivers smooth and reliable power making it ideal for sensitive equipment such as televisions and mobile phone chargers. Has a long running time of 7 hours and easy to transport due to it's light weight and handle.
The LC2000i-S can also be synchronised with another generator to increase the output.
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LONCIN LC2500-AS Generator
code: W2-LC2500-AS
LONCIN LC2500-AS Generator
£434.99£327.99Please call 01822 614053

The LC2500-AS is compact, reliable and powerful enough to run items from lights to workshop tools. Powered by a single-cylinder, 4-stroke, air-cooled model with net power of 5.5H and displacement of 196cc, with a rated output of 2.00KW and a max’ output of 2.2kw. It has OHV (Overhead Valve) technology for smoother running and reliable economic performance. Has powder-coated, steel safety bars to protect the engine and fuel tank, also making it easy to move around. If you are considering using this generator with sensitive equipment, it is highly advisable to use it in conjunction with a good surge protector.Run time- 15 hours
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LONCIN LC3000-AS Generator
code: W2-LC3000-AS
LONCIN LC3000-AS Generator
£474.99£379.99Please call 01822 614053

The LC3000-AS is powered by a commercial grade 4-stroke engine which produces 2.3/2.5KW rated power, with a maximum output of 2.5/ 2.8kw. Fitted with an Overhead Valve (OHV) for smoother running and reliable economic performance.
Has powder-coated, steel safety bars to protect the engine and fuel tank, also making it easy to move around.
Automatic voltage regulation keeps the flow of power running smoothly and the easy-to-pull recoil start is assisted by a transistorized magneto ignition system.
A special low level oil system protects the engine and there is built in over-current protection for safety and efficiency.
Running time- 15 hours
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Loncin LC3500I Inverter Generator
code: W2-LC3500I
Loncin LC3500I Inverter Generator
£1,299.00£955.00Please call 01822 614053

The Loncin LC3500I Inverter Generator is both environment- and neighbourhood-friendly, thanks to its noise-minimising Eco throttle and low-emission operation (sound-output is a mere 65dB (A)).

Making it tick is a Loncin LC170FD-3 engine; a 212cc air-cooled four-stroke unit that boasts numerous fuel-saving design-features, including a newly redesigned combustion-chamber; overhead-valve technology; and an optimised compression-ratio - these, along with a capacious 10-litre fuel-tank, ensure you’ll get seven-hours of interruption-free electricity production.

It’s equipped with a lightweight microprocessor rather than a heavy conventional alternator, so power-delivery is smooth enough to charge sensitive equipment like televisions and radios; and it benefits from a DC outlet that makes it possible to charge laptops, mobiles and tablets.

This quiet-running inverter generator from Loncin is ideal for providing low-cost electricity at festivals, country fairs, campsites and other outdoor locations. Other uses might include emergency back-up at home or for out-buildings (please check wattage requirements).

Four sturdy wheels and a transport handle are provided for easy movement to and from the place of use.
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Loncin LC3500iO 230V Inverter Generator Details
code: W2-LC3500IO
Loncin LC3500iO 230V Inverter Generator Details
£999.00£745.00Please call 01822 614053

Loncin LC3500iO 230V Inverter Generator Details

The Loncin 110V and 230V open frame 3kW inverters offer uninterrupted power. Loncin FM-SPWM 11 Patented technology inverters delivery spike free power, protecting the most sensitive of electronic equipment. Power and silent running LC Series Engines are fuel efficient and EPA11 Emissions compliant. Lightweight, highly portable and cost effective solutions to you professional power requirements.

This fantastic generator has a fuel capacity of 10 litres and rated output of  3kw (230V) of continuous power. It reduces fuel consumption by up to 25% making it incredibly economical as well as reliable.

Thanks to the carefully developed inverter technology, a lightweight microprocessor replaces a traditional heavy alternator and helps maintain a smooth, consistent output power with no fluctuations.

This model is also remarkably quiet at just 65 dB (A), which will provide you with peace of mind that you won't be making any noise disturbances. It even has an eco throttle which helps to keep the noise down in low loads, as it varies the engine speed to suit the applied load.

The eco throttle and a DC output included for battery charging, makes it a very versatile unit aswell as low in vibration.

Low in carbon emissions the Loncin 3500io Inverter really is a generator for the modern age, with a powerful 212cc, single-cylinder, 4-stroke OHV engine. 4-stroke engines are economical, environmentally friendly and neighbourhood friendly!

 Loncin's aim is to lower carbon emissions but still use the latest high-end technology to develop a range of economical and reliable products.
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LONCIN LC5000D-AS Generator ((Comes With Electric Start and Wheel Set))
code: W2-LC5000D-AS
LONCIN LC5000D-AS Generator ((Comes With Electric Start and Wheel Set))
£934.99£701.99Please call 01822 614053

The Loncin LC5000D-AS is a very powerful and reliable generator. Powered by a high quality commercial grade Loncin G340F engine. 337cc, single cylinder, force air cooled with OHV.  Powerful enough to run a fridge, freezer, TV as well as a hedge trimmer, chainsaw saw and pressure washer. Has a large 25 litre fuel tank and will run for 10 continuous hours. The engine and fuel tank are protected by sturdy steel bar, which are also good for lifting and transporting. The generator can be fired up either by the recoil start or an electric start, and a transistorised magneto ignition system makes sure each start is as reliable and easy as the last. Comes with a transport wheel kit, wheels are 9.5cm. Handles fold away for easy of storage.
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Loncin LC6500D-AS Petrol Generator
code: W2-LC6500DAS
Loncin LC6500D-AS Petrol Generator
Loncin LC6500D-AS Petrol Generator £966.99£724.50Please call 01822 614053
LC6500 Spare wheel Set TW00630009 or 660680006-0001£89.45Please call 01822 614053
  • Rated power of 5000 watt, 110/220/230/240V
  • Loncin commercial-grade OHV engine
  • Automatic voltage regulation by AVR
  • Low oil level automatic protection
  • Current overcurrent protection
  • Capacious fuel tank of 25 liter, for which to run 9 hours constantly
  • Frame-type safety generator support v
  • Wheel components are optional
  • Self-starting or remote-starting is optional

  • Engine model G390F/G390FD
  • Engine type Single cylinder,4stroke, forced cooling ,OHV
  • Power output 8.2Kw/3600rpm
  • Bore×Stroke 88mm×64mm (3.5″×2.5″)
  • Displacement 389cc
  • Compression ratio 8.0:1
  • Oil capacity 1.1L(0.29gal)
  • Fuel tank capacity 25L(6.6gal)
  • Fuel consumption ≤374g/Kw.h
  • Continuing time 9h
  • Rated frequency 50 Hz/60 Hz
  • Rated voltage 110V/115V/120V/220V/ 230V/240
  • Voltage regulator system Automatic Voltage Regulation
  • Rated output 5.0Kw
  • Max output 5.5Kw
  • Power factor 1.0
  • Charging voltage 12V(DC)
  • Charging current 8.3A(DC)
  • Starting system Recoil start
  • Ignition system Transistorized magneto ignition
  • Noise ≤76dB(A)
  • Dimension 675×540×540(26.6″×21.3″×21.3″)
  • Net weight 77Kg(169.8lb)
Loncin LC8000D-AS Petrol Powered Generator ((Comes With Electric Start and Wheel Set))
code: W2-LC8000D-AS
Loncin LC8000D-AS Petrol Powered Generator ((Comes With Electric Start and Wheel Set))
£1,049.99£787.50Please call 01822 614053

The LC8000D-AS is powered by a high quality commercial grade single-cylinder Loncin G420F-1 engine with 420cc displacement, forced air cooling and OHV technology making this generator very economic, very quite due to low vibrations, low carbon emissions and fuel efficient.
Powerful and sturdy enough to withstand daily use to run power tools, garden tools and domestic appliances such as fridges, microwaves and washing machines. Can also be used as back up for a domestic power failure or for leisure needs like caravan or mobile homes. Three sockets are featured (32amp) and the generator starts very easily thanks to reliable transistorized magneto ignition. This model has a convenient, reliable and easy to use electric start, with a recoil as a back up. Comes with a transport wheel kit and foldable handles, easy to fit.
((Comes With Electric Start and Wheel Set))
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