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Jonsered chainsaws are powerful and well equipped to cut trees all day every day. Vibration damping and a slimmer, more streamlined engine housing ensure greater comfort and productivity for the operator. All our Jonsered chainsaws are offered at well below R.R.P. and are delivered free to the United Kingdom.

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Jonsered Chainsaw CS2234 14  (With Free Chain)
code: CS-62589
Jonsered Chainsaw CS2234 14" (With Free Chain)
CS2234-14" (With Free Spare Chain) £214.00£179.99
Spare 14" CS2234 Chain£19.39
Briggs and Stratton Fuel Stabiliser for 2 and 4 Stroke Engines 992380

Hobby saw with easy to use functions, fitted with steel vibration damping springs and Turbo Air Cleaning reducing up to 97% of all sawdust and dust from air intake.

  • Displacement - 34.4cmÝ
  • Bar - 36cm (14")
  • Chain Pitch - 3/8" - .050"
  • Oil Pump - no flow at idle
  • Weight excl. bar & chain - 4.7kg
  • Vibrations front handle - 3.7m/sÜ
  • Vibrations rear handle - 4.8m/sÜ
Husqvarna Jonsered CS2250S Chainsaw 15 bar (with free spare chain) Husqvarna 450E
code: E1-CS2250-15
Husqvarna Jonsered CS2250S Chainsaw 15" bar (with free spare chain) Husqvarna 450E
Husqvarna Jonsered CS2250S Chainsaw 15" bar (with free spare chain) Husqvarna 450E £574.99£419.99


Features: Air Injection Centrifugal air cleaning system for longer intervals between filter cleaning, smoother operation and reduced wear. Vibration damping with the handles isloated from the engine by steel springs. Combined choke/stop control makes the saw easier to start. Rubber suspension reduces vibrations in the carburetor. Provides smoother operation and longer product life. The slim body, high centre of gravity and flat underside makes the saw easy to work with. Forged three-piece crankshaft for maximum durability for the toughest applications.

  • 2250e-series 50.2cc-
  • 2.4kw-3.2hp
  • Empty weight 5.1kg
  • Smart Start Recoil Starter (Takes all the strain out of recoil unit)
  • Combined Choke/Stop Control
  • Tool-Less Chain Tensioner (No Spanners needed to tension chain)
  • Low Vib Anti vibration system Air Injection Fuel System X-TORQ (engine with high torque over a wide rpm range.)(Provides up to 20% fuel saving)
  • Lower emissions
  • 3 peice forged crankshaft for robustness Slim design and high centre of gravity for fast and easy manoeuvering
  • Inertia-activated chain brake

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