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rugged walk behind spreaders built with the durability you expect from abbey products. Abbey now offers a full range of salt spreaders and winter products design to help with the big freeze. Salt spreaders help reduce the risk of injury when the elements set in. Abbeys offers a comprehensive range of salt distributors and salt spreader to fit every pocket.
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De-Icing Rock Salt 20 Litre Bag
code: PP-MGRS20
De-Icing Rock Salt 20 Litre Bag

Here we are offering you a chance to stock up on de-icing salt for the winter.
De-Icing Rock Salt (20kg Bags)


Agri Fab 45-0388 39kg Push Spreader
code: W2-45-0388
Agri Fab 45-0388 39kg Push Spreader

Broadcast spreaders cut down on the number of passes necessary to fully cover your lawn due to their wide distribution pattern and help to reduce over-fertilizing and under-fertilizing due to the random nature of this distribution pattern. In fact this small-sized push spreader from Agri-Fab can be used on areas up to 14,200 sq. ft. due to the 8-10 foot spread width it produces. Its robust design incorporates ½” tubular steel frame and axle and a hard wearing poly hopper suitable for pellet and granular fertilizers as well as grass seed and ice melts for clearing drives and pathways during the winter months. The fully pneumatic tires and large sized 10” x 4” wheels make for comfortable operation even on rougher ground.

  • Agri-Fab 45-0388 Push Broadcast Spreader
  • 85lbs/39kg capacity provides 14,200 sp/ft coverage
  • Polyproylene hopper and spreader plate are rust proof
  • 8' to 10' spread width
  • 10"/25cm pneumatic tyres
  • Foam comfort handle
  • Spreader setting recommendations for


Agri fab 45-0462 Push Type Smart Spreader
code: W2-45-0462
Agri fab 45-0462 Push Type Smart Spreader

Agrifab 45-0462 Spreader
Equipped a very-large capacity 130lb hopper, the Agri-Fab Push-Type Smartspreader will cover an impressive 25,000 square-metres (1/2 an acre) on a single fill. Its premium-quality gearbox ensures smooth-operation and ensures a lengthy service-life; while its professional-style controls help to minimise waste by making it easy to select the most appropriate spread-rate. quick and easy to assemble, the Agri-Fab Push-Type Smart-Spreader sits on a set of large-sized pneumatic tyres for superior manoeuvrability.
You do more than mow and sweep leaves to keep your lawn looking good and growing strong. Overseeding, weed control, fertilizing and more -- these are all part of your lawn care regime. You can count on an Agri-Fab spreader to help. Designed for easy operation and even coverage, our spreaders will give you great results, time after time. And because we know as well as you do that products like fertilizer and ice melt (which you can use with any of our spreaders) are corrosive, we've made our hoppers of rust-resistant poly and designed our gears and other components for added durability.

  • Agri-Fab 45-0462 Push Broadcast Spreader
  • 125lbs/56kg extra large capacity
  • Provides 25,000 sp/ft coverage, roughly 1/2 acre
  • Polyproylene hopper and spreader plate are rust proof
  • Enclosed commercial grade gear box for smooth rolling and easy maintenance 8' to 10' spread width
  • Large pneumatic tyres
  • Professional style, easy set controls for precise application
  • Spreader setting recommendations for
  • multiple materials included
Handy THDS Drop Spreader - 27kg
code: H2-THDS
Handy THDS Drop Spreader - 27kg

Fitted with feed control allowing you to adjust how much is distributed across the 56cm (22 inch) spreading width.

Weighing only 5kg, it is easily manoeuvred on plastic wheels, supporting the 27.3kg (60lb) capacity poly hopper.

  • Rustproof Polypropylene Hopper
  • 27.3kg (60lb) Hopper Capacity
  • 56cm (22 Inch) Spreading Width
  • Feed Control
  • Plastic Wheels
  • Weight: 5kg
  • 1 Year Manufacturer's Warranty
Solo 421ST Granulate Spreader 9Ltr
code: KP-421ST
Solo 421ST Granulate Spreader 9Ltr

Integral agitator ensures even distribution onto the steadily rotating spreader disc, driven by the manual crank. Granulated matter can be applied where specifically required, even on difficult terrain. Adjustable direction and delivery rate. Large filling aperture and screw-top for protection from harmful dust. Ideal for seeds, fertiliser (e.g. after scarifying), gritting salt, oil absorbers, cleaning agents, pelletised lime, bird seed, stock feed and sand.
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Abbey Pro 60S Heavy Duty Spreader
code: KP-455600
Abbey Pro 60S Heavy Duty Spreader

The NEW Abbey Pro 60S stainless steel walk-behind broadcast spreader has a capacity of 60 litres or 57kg (125lb) and is ideal for spreading fertiliser, seed and free-flowing Winter ice melt products.

The stainless-steel frame, corrosion-free plastic hopper and heavy-duty metal gearing ensure that the Cobra HS60S Spreader is tough and reliable.

The deflector kit allows you to control where you are spreading. The flow rate is easily adjusted via the control lever on the handle which is attached via a solid linkage to the aperture of the spreader. Use a small aperture for spreading fine material such as grass seed, and a large aperture for spreading coarser medium such as ice melt.

Pneumatic tyres mean that the Cobra HS60S broadcast spreader will travel smoothly over rough ground and not damage your lawn or grassed areas.

The Abbey Pro comes with a free rain cover that will keep your medium dry and free flowing.
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Tondu TPS125 Heavy Duty Spreader ((Special Offer))
code: W2-TPS125
Tondu TPS125 Heavy Duty Spreader ((Special Offer))

Get large lawns and areas of rough grass covered in no time with the hand-propelled broadcast spreader from Tondu.

It is fitted with heavy-duty aluminium gearing that allows for an impressive spread width of 10 to 12 feet, so each pass will prove highly productive. The spreader features a poly hopper that can hold 125lbs of spread material and which is resistant to chemical corrosion. The rate setting control on the handle allows precise adjustments to the rate of flow.

With a tubular steel frame, the Tondu 60 litre spreader comes with hopper screen to prevent large particles from getting into the hopper, as well as rain cover to keep material dry and free-flowing.

A pair of large 14"pneumatic tyres ensure the spreader remains reassuringly stable when being manoeuvred on inclines and rough ground.

This Tondu walk-behind spreader is superb value for money and in addition to seed and fertiliser, is also suitable for spreading salt and ice melt during the winter months.

  • Capacity: 125lbs / 60L
  • Spread Width: 10' x 12'
  • Tyres: 14" pneumatic
  • Warranty: One year manufacturer's homeowner guarantee
  • Corrosion-resistant poly hopper
  • Tubular steel frame and heavy-duty axle for strength and durability
  • Rate setting control on handle for precise adjustments
  • Heavy-duty aluminium gear
  • Well-balanced and easy to push
  • Wide pneumatic tyres for stability on adverse terrain
  • Hopper screen and rain cover
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