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The Energizer® brand is synonymous with consumer-focused innovation and world-first technologies. Energizer is the leading and shaping the portable power market with a portfolio of ground-breaking products, driven by the people who depend on them everyday. All our generators and power equipment are designed and supported in the uk and Europe, giving you access to our unprecedented customer service.
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Energizer EZG2000IUK Petrol Inverter Generator
code: TK-EZG2000IUK
Energizer EZG2000IUK Petrol Inverter Generator

The Energizer EZG2000IUK, is picked with the best attributes from existing industrial generators and brought them together to produce a high-quality but affordable domestic-use unit that will prove the ideal companion for camping-trips, canal-boat holidays, DIY projects and emergency-power situations.

Unusually for such a compact generator, the Energizer EZG2000IUK offers two 230v AC outlets, two USB ports and one 12v DC outlet, thereby enabling you to run multiple machines and devices simultaneously.

It combines a retractable suitcase-style handle with transport wheels to make it easy to move from site to site; and it features an effective insulation-system that means it can be stored on its back and carried in the car without damage or leaking.

The cutting-edge Energizer EZG2000IUK Petrol Inverter Generator is compatible with your smartphone and tablet, so you’ll be able to remotely monitor all key parameters, including power, amperage, voltage, frequency and fuel-consumption.

A fuel-efficient 79cc air-cooled four-stroke OHV engine works with a capacious five-litre tank to provide a lengthy ten-hour maximum run-time; while Wi-Fi capability ensures you’ll be able to connect to the Gen-Mate app in all situations.

Most inverter generators in this class run at a headache-inducing 75dB - the Energizer EZG2000IUK outputs just 61dB; that’s the level of a normal conversation.

Thanks to its inverter-type design, this model will run computers and other delicate devices without damaging them.

Rated at 1800w (2100w max.).
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Energizer EZG2800IUK Petrol Inverter Generator
code: TK-EZG2800IUK
Energizer EZG2800IUK Petrol Inverter Generator

In developing the EZG2800IUK, globally-renowned brand Energizer have cherry-picked all the best bits from leading professional generators to deliver to the domestic-user a top-quality but nevertheless attractively-priced unit that will prove a convenient partner for all manner of outdoor power-generation applications, from construction-projects and emergency situations, through to barging-holidays and camping-trips.

Producing a sizeable 5.3hp is a large-displacement 150cc four-stroke air-cooled motor that utilises emission-cutting and fuel-cost-reducing OHV technology; and which benefits from a stress-busting and effort-saving push-button electric starter.

The cutting-edge Energizer EZG2800IUK is both tablet- and smartphone-compatible, thereby making it possible to remotely keep track of all the vital parameters, including frequency, fuel-consumption, voltage and amperage.

Rugged insulation ensures it will easily absorb any accidental bumps and bangs it might encounter during its working-life; while its inverter-type design makes voltage-output super-smooth, in turn ensuring you’ll be able to runs laptops, iPads and other delicate devices without fear of damaging them.

Operating at just 65dB - far lower than other machines it the same class - the Energizer EZG2800IUK Petrol Inverter Generator is unobtrusive and can be used in built-up areas without irritating the neighbours.

WiFi capability means you’ll always be able to connect to the Gen-Mate app; while an extra-roomy seven-litre petrol-tank works with the highly economical engine to produce an extended maximum run-time of around 12 hours.

Flexible in use, the EZG2800IUK offers two 230v AC ports; one 12v DC port; and one USB port.

This model also features transport-wheels and a retractable suitcase-style handle that make transport a breeze.

Rated at 2600w (maximum 2800w).
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