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One engine, eight optional tools. The ECHO Multi-tool system enables you to own a range of the very best tools at a much reduced total cost. Each tool can be fitted quickly and easily by simply pushing and tightening the preferred attachment to the engine unit.
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Echo Engine Unit PAS-2620ES
code: C1-PAS2620ES
Echo Engine Unit PAS-2620ES

Echo PAS-2620ES Multi-tool has a 25.4cc ECHO engine connected to a half length driveshaft. It features Easy Start for easy starting, a loop handle and grouped cluster controls. Eight, optional tools can be fitted quickly and easily, simply by pushing and tightening the preferred attachment to the engine unit.

  • Powerful 25.4cc 2-stroke engine
  • Easy Start system for quick, effortless starting
  • Stage 2 compliant low emission engine
  • Loop handle
  • Grouped cluster controls
  • Fix attachments simply by pushing and tightening
  • Heavy-duty driveshaft
  • ECHO power tools come with a five year domestic warranty or a two year warranty in professional use (registration of ECHO products and servicing are necessary to validate the warranty)
  • Engine displacement     25.4cc
  • Dry weight*     4.8kg
  • Output     0.9kW
  • Length*     1025mm
  • Fuel tank capacity     0.50 litre
Echo 3ft Extension Pole Fits PAS
code: C1-MTA-3EXT
Echo 3ft Extension Pole Fits PAS

Add the optional 122cm extension pole to the Multi-tool for extra reach

When using the ECHO PAS-265ES Multi-Tool System add the optional 91cm extension pole to the Multi-tool for extra reach
Echo 3ft Extension Pole - Specifications

  • Echo 3ft Extension Pole
  • Add an optional 122cm extension to your multi-tool system


Echo PAS 2401A LW Hedgetrimmer Attachment
code: C1-MTA-AH-HD
Echo PAS 2401A LW Hedgetrimmer Attachment

The optional ECHO HCAA-2401A LW articulating hedge cutter attachment features a blade which articulates from 0 to 90° in 15° increments. Fitted with a double reciprocating double-sided blade, the Multi-tool becomes a versatile hedge cutter

Echo PAS Edger Attachment
code: C1-MTA-LE
Echo PAS Edger Attachment

This optional attachment converts the Multi-tool system into a lawn edger. The edger has a well guarded rotating steel blade for easy tidying of a lawn edge

Echo PAS Blower Attachment
code: C1-MTA-PB
Echo PAS Blower Attachment

Fit the optional Blower attachment to the Multi-tool engine unit to create a power blower for blowing leaves and other light debris.

Fits the Echo PAS Power Unit.

Echo PAS Power Pruner Attachment
code: C1-MTA-PP
Echo PAS Power Pruner Attachment

Attach the optional power pruner to the Multi-tool unit to easily prune high branches and lop tree limbs.

Fits the PAS-265ES Power Unit.

Echo Power Brush Attachment
code: C1-MTA-PS
Echo Power Brush Attachment

Turn the Echo PAS-265ES Power Unit into a powerful brush for a fast and effortless way of sweeping  lawns, paths, and driveways.
Rotating brush head is 60cm wide. 28 gauge nylon bristles for all of your sweeping and cleaning needs.
Manufacturer's 5 year warranty (for domestic use), 2 years (for professional use)

Echo PAS Strimmer Attachment
code: C1-MTA-TB
Echo PAS Strimmer Attachment

This optional attachment converts the ECHO Multi-Tool into a commercial-grade trimmer, using a nylon line cutting head.  Blade also included.

Fits the PAS-265ES power unit.

Echo PAS Cultivator Attachment
code: C1-MTA-TC
Echo PAS Cultivator Attachment

Fit the optional cultivator attachment to the Multi-tool to dig and help control weeds. It features 12 steel tines and has a cultivating width of 160mm

Fits the Echo PAS-265ES Power Unit.

ECHO SRM Brushcutter Attachment
ECHO SRM Brushcutter Attachment

Echo SRM Pas Brushcutter Attachment is a powerful brushcutter attachment complete with nylon line head and blade.

Echo PAS Di-Thatcher Attachment
Echo PAS Di-Thatcher Attachment

With an optional thatcher attachment fitted to the Multi-tool, thatch and moss can be lifted quickly and efficiently from a lawn.

Echo SRM222ES Pole Hedgecutter Kit (With Trimmer and Hedgecutter)
code: C1-SRM222ES-HEDGE
Echo SRM222ES Pole Hedgecutter Kit (With Trimmer and Hedgecutter)
Echo SRM222ES Pole Hedgecutter Kit (With Trimmer and Hedgecutter) £520.00£499.99
Briggs and Stratton Fuel Stabiliser for 2 and 4 Stroke Engines 992380
Echo Power Blend Two Stroke Oil 1 Litre

SPECIAL OFFER! Echo SRM222ES Pole Hedgecutter kit, with free trimmer kit included LONG REACH** **JAPANESE** **5 YEAR WARRANTY** At this CRAZY price ?? Are we mad !!

The Echo SRM222ES pole hedge cutter KIT is made up from Echo's most popular SRM222ES trimmer and their HCAA-2403A LW hedgecutter attachment. This Kit has double sided, double reciprocating trimmer blades that are adjustable to eight different cutting angles which allows you to cut and shape high hedges without the need of a ladder.

Carefully balanced, razor sharp, precision ground and smooth running, Echo SRM222ES  hedgecutters are built to last, grooming your hedge year after year. Built for professionals, in private use an Echo hedgetrimmer could last a lifetime!

  • Echo SRM-222ES Trimmer and HCAA-2403A LW Hedgcutter Attachment
  • 21.2cc 2-stroke engine
  • Easy start engine
  • 0.6kW Output
  • Length w/o cutting head 1760mm
  • 6.2kg 
  • Echo HCAA-2403A hedgcutter Attachment
  • 120 degree Articulation
  • Reciprocating cutter attachment
  • 5 Year Warranty




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