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Backpack blowers are an economical way to clear fallen leaves, cut grass or rubbish from large areas. They are primarily used by local authorities for clearing public areas, but can be used in larger gardens. Free UK delivery on all Back-pack blowers over £100.
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Garden Pride 56cc Back Pack Blower ((BE QUICK SPECIAL OFFER))
code: M2-GP56BPB
Garden Pride 56cc Back Pack Blower ((BE QUICK SPECIAL OFFER))

Garden Pride leaf blower range, the GP56BPB packs professional features and performance into a compact backpack blower at a price level that will appeal to domestic, leisure and commercial users alike. Impressive blowing capabilities have been achieved by the careful matching of all components used by Garden pride in the manufacture of the GP56BPB Backpack Leaf Blower. The two-stroke air-cooled engine produces a meaty 3.3hp while the high-capacity blower fan generates a maximum air speed of 120 metres/sec equivalent to 286mph at the air delivery nozzle.

The garden pride GP56BPB mounted within a sturdy all-encompassing frame, the engine and blower fans 8kg weight are carried comfortably by any user backpack-style supported by a twin shoulder padded harness.

large diameter tube with flexible insert transports high-speed air from the fan to the nozzle outlet tube. The latter incorporates a comfortable hand-grip that allows the user to direct the air directly towards fallen leaves and any other debris that requires shifting. All the controls are mounted on the nice size hand grip, allowing convenient, fingertip control of the blower over short or longer time.

Designed to provide reliablity and effective blowing capabilities at any time of the year, the GP56BPB leaf blower will prove equally effective on a host of clear-up tasks required within domestic and public gardens, sports clubs, amenity areas, caravan and home park sites and all other locations where it is important to maintain a clean and tidy appearance at all times
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Efco SA2062 61.3CC Backpack Blower
code: E2-SA2062
Efco SA2062 61.3CC Backpack Blower

Efco SA2062 is a commercial-grade backpack blower that’s been designed to make light work of clear-up jobs in both urban and rural environments.

It has an overall weight of only 9.4kg and its comfortable backpack frame is ergonomically shaped from melt-blow polypropylene, so you’ll be able to work all day where necessary. The throttle trigger is conveniently positioned on the blower-tube.

Thanks to its powerful 61.3cc (4.5hp) two-stroke engine and high-performance fan system, the Efco SA2062 Backpack Blower is capable of moving heavier items like drinks bottles and wind-fallen fruit.

The engine is extremely quiet-running, so residential use won’t prove a problem; and it’s equipped with an oversized air-filter which allows for prolonged operation in dry, dusty conditions.

This model has a maximum air-speed of 324km/h and a maximum air-volume of 1200m3/hr.


  • Engine Type     Petrol 2-stroke
  • Engine Capacity     61.3cc
  • Engine Power     3.3kW (4.5hp)
  • Starting System     Recoil
  • Fuel Tank Capacity     2.3 Litres
  • Air Flow Speed     90m/s (324km/h)
  • Air Flow Volume     20m3/min (1200m3/h)
  • Vibration     2.5m/s
  • Sound Level     75dB (A)
  • Weight     9.4kg
  • Warranty     3 Years
Tanaka TBL 4600 Backpack Blower
code: F1-TBL4600
Tanaka TBL 4600 Backpack Blower
Tanaka TBL 4600 Backpack Blower £559.00£479.99
Briggs and Stratton Fuel Stabiliser for 2 and 4 Stroke Engines 992380

The ultimate heavyweight blower. 43cc engine delivers 500CFM at 200 mph nozzle velocity,which moves bricks across asphalt.
Harness is padded and comfortable, and the nozzle moves in all directions.
Convenient, easy-to-operator throttle control.
Ideal for tough blowing jobs -hugh areas, hedge trimmings, wet matted leaves. Can reduce your clean-up time by as much as 50%.

  • Engine Type:    Two-Stroke
  • Displacement CC (CU. IN.):    43
  • Output H.P.:    2.4
  • Fuel Tank Capacity FL. OZ. (CC):    68 (2000)
  • Cylinder:    Chrome Plated, Stress Relieved
  • Connecting Rod:    Forged Steel
  • Carburetion:    Walbro® Diaphragm w / Primer
  • Starting System:    Standard Recoil
  • Ignition System:    Transistorized Electronic


  • Air Volume - CFM (At Pipe):    500
  • Air Velocity - CFM (At Pipe):    200
  • Blow Tubes:    Interlocking
  • Throttle Type:    Side-mounted
  • Dry Weight / LBS. (KG):    20.9 (9.5)
  • Shipping Weight / LBS. (KG):    29 (13.1) (One carton)
  • EPA Phase 2 Compliant:    Yes
  • C.A.R.B. Tier II Compliant:    Yes
  • Gas / Oil Ratio:    50:1
  • Noise Level:    69 dbA
  • Warranty:    Two-year commercial use warranty / 5-year consumer use warranty / One-year rental use warranty

Reduces shoulder and back fatigue for maximum operator comfort.


Provides maximum performance without any additional service requirements.


Provide outstanding comfort and support for extended periods of use.

Echo PB-265ESL Backpack Garden Blower
code: C1-PB-265ESL
Echo PB-265ESL Backpack Garden Blower

The smallest backpack blower in the Echo range, the PB-265ESL is both compact and powerful, making it a favourite of both homeowners and professionals alike.

The Echo BP-265ESL features Echo's innovative Easy Start system which means the pulling power needed on the starter rope is greatly reduced compared to other makes, with no kick-back effect in cranking.

Powered by a high performance 25.4cc engine, this blower features an ergonomic backpack frame and adjustable shoulder strap to minimise operator fatigue, allowing for extended periods of operation.  Its handle incorporates a trigger throttle for precise fingertip control to suit the job in hand.

Weighing 6.1kg, the Echo PB-265ESL, which produces 59m/sec air speed and air volume of 710m³/h, is certainly no slouch. Echo low noise technology ensures that it is also remarkably quiet.

Echo backpack blowers remain at the leading edge of blower technology. Excellent engineering, design and precision manufacturing ensure that they are easy and comfortable to use.  Famed for their quietness and efficiency, Echo power blowers produce a highly controllable jet of air to lift and move even wet leaves and litter and quickly arrange them into convenient piles for collection. Very much faster and practically effortless, they have largely replaced the broom and rake in the collection role.

Echo outdoor power equipment is covered by a five year domestic warranty and two year warranty in professional environments. For the domestic user there is the total reassurance of using equipment designed and built for the professional, and a five year warranty offers even greater peace of mind). The quality of Echo assures the professional user the highest standards of efficiency and durability. Registration of Echo products is necessary to validate the warranty.  For optimum performance, always follow the maintenance schedule in your owner's manual.

  • 2-stroke 25.4cc engine with Easy Start system for quick, effortless starting
  • Stage 2 compliant low emission engine
  • Adjustable shoulder strap
  • Ergonomic backpack frame
  • Ergonomic groupled controls
  • Trigger throttle for precise fingertip control
  • Heavy duty air filter
  • 5 Year Warranty
Echo PB-770 Backpack Garden Blower
code: C1-PB-770
Echo PB-770 Backpack Garden Blower

The Echo PB-770 backpack blower is one of the most powerful blowers in the world!

Boasting a 63.3cc engine, the PB-770 produces a maximum air volume of 1200m³/hour at an air speed up to 92m/sec, this equates to a 205mph air flow at the pipe!, giving you all the power to lift and shift the most sticky, sodden and downtrodden leaves and litter.

This powerful new blower features an extra flexible tube and wide angle rotation.  Echo's 'Posi-Loc' system ensures quick and easy securing and disconnecting of the blower pipe.  Rotary carburetor with purge pump and Echo's Pro-Fire® ignition aid easy starts. The Echo PB-770 has top-mounted automotive style air filter for quick and easy changes and short hip mounted throttle. A specially designed guard ensures that the air intake remains free from leaves and debris and that engine cooling is never compromised.

Echo's spring-mounted vibration isolation system provides greater operator comfort, whilst the newly designed backpack frame ensures the Echo PB-770 garden blower is both comfortable and well balanced.

  • Engine     : 2-stroke
  • Displacement     : 63.3cc
  • Output     : 2.9kW
  • Fuel Tank Capacity 2.0 litres
  • Maximum Air Volume (at actual usage point)     : 1302m³/hour
  • Maximum Air Volume (at "0" static pressure point)
  • 1440m³/hour
  • Maximum Air Speed     : 92.3m/sec
  • Noise Level     : 74dB(A)
  • Dimensions (L x W x H)     : 375mm x 485mm x 525mm
  • Dry Weight (with blower pipe)     : 10.8kg
Echo PB 580 Back Pack Blower
code: C1-PB580
Echo PB 580 Back Pack Blower

The PB-580 has a range of features that reduce fatigue and enhance operator comfort. These include a ventilated backpack pad, anti-vibration springs, padded shoulder straps and ergonomically placed controls.

The 58.2cc engine has an output of 2.05kW. With the machine weighing just 10.3kg, the PB-580 has an excellent power-to-weight ratio. It is supplied with both a straight and curved nozzle as standard.
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Stiga SBP 375 Petrol Blower Vacuum 75cc Engine
code: G1-255175102S17
Stiga SBP 375 Petrol Blower Vacuum 75cc Engine

Our most powerful petrol blower. The Stiga backpack blower SBP 375 represents the best solution for the most demanding tasks. Huge air flow (25m³/min) and high speed (100m/s) are provided by a perfect fan design combined with a powerful and reliable 75.6cc petrol engine.

All the weight is comfortably sustained by the back pack and the global manoeuvrability is ensured by the adjustable joystick handle with integrated throttle lock control.
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Shindaiwa EB8520RT C4 Engine HUSH Back pack Blower
code: C1-EB8520RT
Shindaiwa EB8520RT C4 Engine HUSH Back pack Blower
Shindaiwa EB8520RT C4 Engine HUSH Back pack Blower £679.00£529.62


The Shindaiwa EB8520RT features a pistol-grip throttle control handle with cruise control, adjustable angle, and a special “Hush Mode” feature that allows quiet operation in noise sensitive areas



  • The Shindaiwa EB8520 is the most powerful 4-stroke backpack blower on the market today.
  • New backpack frame and harness design offering extreme operator comfort.
  • Shoulder harness system with 4-point adjustment to fit any operator comfortably.
  • Throttle cruise control for sustained “hands-off” operation.
  • The EB8520 offers a traditional hip-mounted throttle control.
  • The EB8520RT offers a unique “Hush Mode” feature that reduces the sound level to 65 dB(A) with a simple turn of a lever, meeting many city noise ordinances.
  • Chrome-plated cylinder with 2-ring piston design
  • Business as usual with 50:1 mix – no dipstick!
  • Dry weight without tubes*     25.4 lbs (11.5 kg)
  • Displacement     4.9 cu. in. (79.7 cc)
  • Air speed at nozzle     201 mph (323.5 km/h)
  • Air volume at nozzle     760 cfm (215 m³/min)
  • Fuel tank capacity     67.6 oz (2000 ml).
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