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Husqvarna 105 Automower ((New Imporved))
code: E1-967622303
Husqvarna 105 Automower ((New Imporved))
This is from Husqvarna Automower
Husqvarna 105 Automower ((New Imporved))£1,000.00
Husqvarna Installation Kit - Small (800m2)
Husqvarna Installation Kit - Medium (2000m2)
Husqvarna Installation Kit - Large (5000m2)

For homeowners with smaller, flatter lawns who want all the reliability, convenience and performance of a Husqvarna robotic mower. Just like the larger Husqvarna Automower® this small robot lawn mower delivers excellent cutting results. It is easy to install, maintain and operate. Your neighbours will probably not even notice they’re mowing.

  • Working area capacity Imporoved to 600 m²
  • Maximum incline within the working area 14 °
  • Typical mow time on one charge 70 min
  • Typical charging time 50 min 
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Efco MT-3700 Petrol Chain Saw (With Free Chainsaw Starter Kit) ((BE QUICK))
code: E2-MT3700
Efco MT-3700 Petrol Chain Saw (With Free Chainsaw Starter Kit) ((BE QUICK))
This is from Efco Chainsaws
Efco MT-3700 Petrol Chain Saw (With Free Chainsaw Starter Kit) ((BE QUICK)) £259.00£204.00
Briggs and Stratton Fuel Stabiliser for 2 and 4 Stroke Engines 992380

There are a lot of hobbyist chainsaws available, and most of these are likely to be fine for most of your basic cutting needs. However, when faced with tougher cutting jobs, such as pruning tough branches or cutting up small to medium tree trunks, you will definitely notice the extra power and performance of Efco’s MT 3700, which stands out from its simpler rivals for combining all of the user-friendly features of your average ‘hobbyist’ chainsaw with the kind of technology found in much higher specification machines. This, therefore, is a chainsaw designed for the discerning residential user, tackling even the toughest domestic cutting work with ease.

One excellent example of the way in which the MT 3700 stands out from its rivals is its 35.2cc two-stroke petrol engine, which features Efco’s innovative ‘Burn Right’ technology. This clever system works to optimise the combustion process, thereby simultaneously reducing emissions and boosting fuel efficiency. This system also incorporates an electronically controlled digital coil, which as well as further reducing fuel consumption also allows makes starting easier. Herein we see how the MT 3700 offers the best of both worlds, uniting ease of operation with consistently outstanding performance.

Fitted as standard with a sturdy 35cm (14”) bar and a potent 3/8” x .050” (pitch x gauge) chain, the MT 3700 will happily make short work of chopping firewood, pruning trees and all of those other challenging cutting jobs that need doing from time to time around the home and garden. To help ensure great results every time the MT 3700 also features an automatic oil pump, made from tough aluminium for exceptional long-term dependability, thereby ensuring both that the chain remains well oiled while cutting and that the flow is stopped when the engine is idling. As with the engine, this cutting gear set up helps to make the MT 3700 simultaneously easy to use and pleasingly potent.

Additional ergonomic features provide even greater user convenience, such as the front and rear handles which offer a secure grip and quick access to all controls (including the single multifunction lever incorporating on-off, half-throttle and choke control devices). Equally important in this respect is the MT 3700’s lightweight (only 4.1kg) and compact design, which makes this powerful little chainsaw satisfyingly portable and easy to handle. Built with only hardwearing, high quality components, including a two-ring piston, a nickel engine cylinder, and a forged steel connecting rod and crankshaft, Efco’s MT 3700 is also magnificently durable, so even the most dedicated home gardener can rest completely assured of long lasting, superbly dependable performance.
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Efco Petrol Chainsaw MT-4100SP (With Free Chainsaw Starter Kit)
code: E2-MT4100SP
Efco Petrol Chainsaw MT-4100SP (With Free Chainsaw Starter Kit)
This is from Efco Chainsaws
Efco Petrol Chainsaw MT-4100SP (With Free Chainsaw Starter Kit) £375.00£302.99
Briggs and Stratton Fuel Stabiliser for 2 and 4 Stroke Engines 992380

Efco MT-4100S a petrol chainsaw guarantees performance at the top of its class.  Its design incorporates technology usually only employed on higher specification chainsaws, enabling the MT-4100S to cut effortlessly and quickly, with the maximum efficiency.

Powered by Efco Burn Right engine, this advanced petrol chainsaw complies with Euro 2 emission standards with reduced emissions, lower fuel consumption and low noise.  The Efco MT-4100S chainsaw has a powerful 39cc two-stroke engine making it the perfect power tool for chopping logs, lopping, pruning and felling.  It features a high quality Oregon 41cm (16") guide bar.

With a semi-automatic choke, a single lever controls both half-throttle and choke functions for easy starting every time.

  • Weight     4.2 Kg
  • Power/Displacement     2.5hp / 1.8kW / 39.0cm³
  • The illustrated step-by-step start-up instructions on the machine body ensure quick and safe starting, even for less expert users.
  • Primer device, positioned in full view on the engine cover, facilitates starting from cold, after refuelling or following lengthy idle periods.
  • On-Off switch and choke incorporated in a single multi-function lever: guarantees practical and simple operation.
  • Transparent tanks for immediate and continuous display of oil and fuel/air mixture levels.
  • Anti-vibration system using 3 spring dampers and 3 rubber stops: significantly isolates the operator from engine vibration, for greater comfort during use.
  • The new design of the starter handle makes starting the machine more comfortable.
  • Filter cover built into the engine cowling: can be checked or serviced simply by removing the 3 fixing screws.
  • The sponge air filter is simple and quick to clean, ensuring more hours of running time between maintenance stops.
  • Carburettor bracket with 4 anti-vibration mounts: ensures stable fuel burn under all operating conditions, and longer carburettor life.
  • Bar length     16''
  • Chain (pitch x gauge)     3/25''x.050''
  • Oil Pump     automatic
  • Oil/fuel tank capacity     0.2 L / 0.32 L
Masport OLYMPIC 400 Cylinder Mower
code: F1-419026
Masport OLYMPIC 400 Cylinder Mower
This is from Masport Petrol Cylinder Mowers
16" Olympic Style Cylinder £989.00£890.10
Bottem Blade 400£60.89
Briggs and Stratton Fuel Stabiliser for 2 and 4 Stroke Engines 992380
  • 40cm/16" Olympic style cylinder
  • Briggs and Stratton Engine 148cc 3hp
  • 6 blade cylinder
  • 63kg weight
  • Solid Grass Catcher
  • Independent roller & cylinder drive
  • Micro Easy Height Adjuster
  • Cutting Height 7-30mm
  • Comfort Handle Bars
  • Quick Release Handle Fold Down
  • Solid METAL GEARS AND DRIVE CHAINS (atco-qualcast plastic)
  • TOTAL value for money
Snapper ENXT-22875E  4-in-1 Push Start Petrol Mower
code: F1-ENXT22875E
Snapper ENXT-22875E 4-in-1 Push Start Petrol Mower
This is from Snapper Petrol Mowers
Snapper ENXT-22875E 4-in-1 Push Start Petrol Mower £749.99£654.00
Briggs and Stratton Tune Up Kit 992204 & 992235 Service Kit.

The Snapper ENXT-22875E is packed with all the high-spec features you’ll need if you’re looking-after a paddock, orchard and/or more substantial formal grassed-area. What really makes it stand-out from its huge array of competitors is its intuitive REACT™ speed control system. This gives you perfect control of the forward-drive with the mower instantly adapting to the speed at which you walk, in turn enabling you to slow-down prior to an end-of-pass turn, before speeding-up for an uninterrupted straight-line run. The added manoeuvrability that REACT™ variable-speed drive provides also makes it possible to mow safely and accurately around shrubs, trees and other garden obstacles.

Offering four cutting-modes (mulching; collection; side/rear-discharge), this exceptionally versatile lawnmower is suitable for use on a range of different grass-types. Flexibility-of-use is further enhanced thanks to a nine-stage height-of-cut (32 – 101mm), which is adjustable via a single lever to suit conditions.

Driven by a high-performance 190cc Briggs & Stratton OHV engine, the Snapper ENXT-22875E 4-in-1 Variable-Speed Petrol Lawn Mower is fuel-efficient, dependable, clean-running and quiet in operation. Briggs & Stratton’s new push-button starter works with their ReadyStart system (whereby no fuel-priming or choke are required) to ensure ignition is a speedy, trouble-free operation. There’s also a back-up recoil starter.

Equipped with hardwearing ball-bearing mounted wheels, employing only premium quality parts, and constructed around a strong steel cutter-deck, the Snapper ENXT-22875E is certainly built to last. Thanks to its handy control layout and ergonomic, height-adjustable handle this user-friendly machine really is a delight to work with.

The Snapper ENXT-22875E comes with a massive 90-litre grass-collector and has an unusually large cutting-width for a walk-behind mower (55cm), so it will prove a great choice if the area you’re maintaining is just that bit too small for a ride-on.

  • Engine:    Briggs & Stratton
  • Model:     750-Series (190 cc)
  • Starting:    ReadyStart, with electric starter and back-up recoil mechanism
  • Cutting width:     55cm
  • Deck material:     Steel
  • Deck type:     Collection; mulching; rear-discharge; side-discharge
  • Front-wheel size:     20cm
  • Rear-wheel size:     23cm
  • Height-of-cut:     9 steps, 32 – 101mm
  • Drive type:     Rear-wheel gear
  • Differential:    Overrun
  • Forward speed:     Variable
  • Folding handle:     Yes
  • Handle adjust range:     15cm
  • Weight:    48kg
  • Side-discharge chute:     Included
  • Mulch-kit:     Included
  • Bagging kit:     Included
  • Collector capacity:     90-litres
Snapper ESPV211S 3N1  Mulch Mower
code: F1-ESPV211S
Snapper ESPV211S 3N1 Mulch Mower
This is from Snapper Petrol Mowers
Snapper ESPV211S 3N1 Mulch Mower £649.99£620.00
Briggs and Stratton Fuel Stabiliser for 2 and 4 Stroke Engines 992380
NGK B2LM Spark Plug.
Snapper 7100242 21" replacement blade for ESPV21S
Briggs & Stratton Quantum Service Kit Oregon

The Easy Line mower has been designed to for its versatility and ease of use. Convertibility without tools, the 53cm steel deck mower has a powerful Briggs & Stratton 650 OHV engine which offers a wide choice of options from grass collection to mulching or rear discharge, a variable speed drive allows the operator to mow at a convenient speed up to 5.8km/h Swivel wheels allow easy manoeuvres around obstacles.

  • Briggs & Stratton 650 Series™ Engine
  • Adjustable Handle Heights for Operator Comfort
  • Snapper 53cm Exclusive Heavy Steel Mower Deck
  • Comfortable Handles and Controls
  • Swivel Wheels to Easily Manoeuvre Around Objects
  • Ring-Gear, Rear Wheel Drive
  • Bagging, Mulching and Rear Discharge
  • 7 Position Height of Cut Wheel Adjustors (3,2 - 10,1 Cm)
  • Easy On/Off Chute or Deflector
  • Variable Speed Drive System (0 - 5,8 Km/H)
  • Engine: B&S 650 Series
  • Engine Start: Recoil, Ready Start
  • Cutting Width: 53cm/21"
  • Deck Material: Steel
  • Height of Cut: 3.2-10.1cm
  • Height of Cut Adjustment: Individual, 7 Positions
  • Blade Type: High Lift
  • Drive Type: Variable Speed
  • Differential: Self Propelled
  • Mulch Plug: Yes
Honda Izy 46 Self Propelled Mower
Honda Izy 46 Self Propelled Mower
This is from Honda Petrol and Battery Mowers
Honda Izy 46 Self Propelled Mower £539.00£468.99
Briggs and Stratton Fuel Stabiliser for 2 and 4 Stroke Engines 992380
Honda Air Filter 17211-ZL8-023,17211ZL8023 For GCV135-160 Engines
Honda GCV135 & 160 Service Kit Oregon


  • Honda HRG 465 SD Lawnmower - Commonly known as the Honda Izy 46
  • Cutting Width 46cm/18"
  • Self Propelled
  • Steel deck
  • 4.5hp Honda Engine
  • 6 Position height of cut adjuster (19-73mm)
  • Comes complete with grass box
  • 32.5kg Dry Weight
  • Free U.K. Delivery
  • 3 Year Domestic Warranty
Wolf Accu 100 Promo Set ((Special Offer))
code: W2-ACCU100SET
Wolf Accu 100 Promo Set ((Special Offer))
This is from Battery Powered Grass and Hedge Shears

The Wolf Garden battery grass shears set incorporates the ACCU 100  Grass Shears with a Telescopic Handle & a wheel. New Li-Ion power battery gives extra 25% power.

The 2 in 1 Battery Shears are now available as a promotional set. This kit contains everything you need for lawn edge and grass trimming, including; battery shear with both grass blade, and a handy wheel to rolll along the edges,  and a user manual. The ACTS adaptable handle also comes included in this set price.


  • Up to 100 minutes running time.
  • Cutting width of 100 mm.
  • Head can be rotated through 180 degrees, with 5 working positions.
  • Optional wheels for extra stability
  • Exchangeable, non-stick blades.
  • Rechargeable batteries with charger included.
  • Safety switch.
  • German built Tough, durable yet lightweight battery operated edging shears.
  • Ideal trimmer for grass, shrubs and box hedges. (Recomended for maintance of Grave Yard sites) as easy to carry and charge
  • Use with telescopic handle (ACTS) for trimming without bending.
  • Can be adapted easily to a shrub shear using Accu BSEM blade (not included).
  • Charging time: 6.0 hours
  • incl. charger

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