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Mountfield 381003298/1 Engine stop OPC lever Turbo 480S/S

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Mountfield 381003298/1 Engine stop OPC lever Turbo 480S/S - GP-3810032981

Technical information Part number 3810032981 Original number 3811003298/1, 81003298/1, 1111-2953-01 Unit Each


Machines this part fits

    Mountfield 420HP
    Mountfield 420PD
    Mountfield 421HP
    Mountfield 421PD
    Mountfield 422HP
    Mountfield 422PD
    Mountfield 42HP
    Mountfield 430HP
    Mountfield 4310HP
    Mountfield 4320HP
    Mountfield 4330HP
    Mountfield 460HP
    Mountfield 460PD
    Mountfield 460PD-ES
    Mountfield 461HP
    Mountfield 462HP
    Mountfield 462PD
    Mountfield 464PD
    Mountfield 464PD-ES
    Mountfield 46HP
    Mountfield 46PD
    Mountfield 46PDES
    Mountfield 46PDH
    Mountfield 46SP
    Mountfield 480TSP
    Mountfield 4810HP
    Mountfield 4810PD
    Mountfield 4810PD-BW
    Mountfield 4810PD-ES
    Mountfield 4820HP
    Mountfield 4820PD
    Mountfield 4820PD-BW
    Mountfield 4830HP
    Mountfield 4830PD
    Mountfield 4830PD-BW
    Mountfield 510PD
    Mountfield 510PD-ES
    Mountfield 514PD
    Mountfield 51PD
    Mountfield 51PDES
    Mountfield 5310PD
    Mountfield 5310PD-ES
    Mountfield 5310PD-INOX
    Mountfield 53204S-INOX
    Mountfield 5320PD
    Mountfield 5320PD-BW
    Mountfield 5330PD
    Mountfield 5330PD-BW
    Mountfield 550SPCOMBI
    Stiga Collector 46S
    Castel / Twincut / Lawnking ES464B
    Castel / Twincut / Lawnking ES464TR-B
    Mountfield HP474
    Mountfield HW514PD
    Mountfield M2HP
    Mountfield M2SP
    Mountfield M40PD
    Mountfield M44HP
    Mountfield M44PD
    Mountfield M4510HP
    Mountfield M462HP
    Mountfield M480R-ES
    Mountfield M484R
    Mountfield M484R-ES
    Mountfield M4HP
    Mountfield M4SP
    Mountfield M5010PD
    Mountfield M5010R-PD
    Mountfield M5020PD
    Mountfield M5030PD
    Mountfield M550R-ES
    Mountfield M5510PD
    Mountfield M5510PD-ES
    Mountfield M5510R-PD
    Mountfield M5510R-PD-ES
    Mountfield M5520PD
    Mountfield M5530PD
    Mountfield M554-ES
    Mountfield M554R
    Mountfield M554R-ES
    Mountfield M60PD-ES
    Mountfield M61PD
    Mountfield M64PD
    Mountfield M64PD-ES
    Mountfield M6PDES
    Mountfield M6SP
    Mountfield 480R Petrol Lawnmower
    Mountfield 480RES Petrol Lawnmower
    Mountfield 550R Petrol Lawnmower
    Mountfield 550RES Petrol Lawnmower
    Mountfield S330PD4S-INOX
    Mountfield SP474
    Mountfield SP484R
    Mountfield SP505
    Mountfield SP505R
    Mountfield SP534ES
    Mountfield SP536-ES
    Mountfield SP550
    Mountfield SP555
    Stiga Turbo 55S
    Stiga Turbo 55S Combi

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"Hi Chris. Many thanks for all your help. Blades have arrived, now fitted to the mower and it works better than it did when it was new." P Rood
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