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Oregon Waipoua Chainsaw Boots Class 1 295479 ((LIMITED OFFER))

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Protective Clothing : Protective Boots and Brushcutter Shin Guards : Oregon Waipoua Chainsaw Boots Class 1 295479 ((LIMITED OFFER))
Oregon Waipoua Chainsaw Boots Class 1 295479 ((LIMITED OFFER)) - OR-295479
Waipoua Chainsaw Boots Size 38 £171.60£100.00
Waipoua Chainsaw Boots Size 39 £171.60£100.00
Waipoua Chainsaw Boots Size 40 £171.60£100.00
Waipoua Chainsaw Boots Size 41 £171.60£100.00
Waipoua Chainsaw Boots Size 42 £171.60£100.00
Waipoua Chainsaw Boots Size 43 £171.60£100.00
Waipoua Chainsaw Boots Size 44 £171.60£100.00
Waipoua Chainsaw Boots Size 45 £171.60£100.00
Waipoua Chainsaw Boots Size 46 £171.60£100.00
Waipoua Chainsaw Boots Size 47 £171.60£100.00
Waipoua Chainsaw Boots Size 48 £171.60£100.00

((New)) Oregon Waipoua Steel Toe Black and Red Chainsaw Boots are tough, rugged, and they're VERY WELL PRICED!

Made with smooth, supple, eco-friendly E-leather for a truly terrific fit and feel. E-leather is a highly engineered performance fabric (75% leather), lightweight and wipe-clean, scuff and cut resistant and water resistant. A cushioned, anatomically formed breathable footbed absorbs pressure to ease the impact of each step and is removable and washable.  Twin rows of stitching for added strength.  Features exclusive Oregon polyurethane / rubber slip-resistant outsole; reinforced static hook adjustments for quick / easy tightening and loosening; vulcanized rubber toe guard on top of steel toe.

The flexible design allows your foot to move naturally for all-day comfort with soft, ergonomic padding on tongue and collar. Ergonomic ankle padding for added comfort and support. Lightweight, breathable, fast wicking linings for moisture and temperature control.

  • High Quality Nubuck Leather
  • Water Repellent Upper
  • Metal Toe Cap
  • High protection against impacts.
  • Reinforced 2mm leather / rubber toe guard.
  • 200 joules impact & 15,000 Newtons compression.
  • Antistatic
  • Prevents static electricity shocks.
  • Heel Energy Absorption
  • 20 joules impact.
  • Hydrocarbon Resistant Outsole
  • Fuel and oil resistant.
  • Cold Isolation
  • Feet will remain warm at temperatures less than 10°C.
  • Heat Isolation
  • High breathability at temperatures greater than 22°C.
  • Heat Resistant Outsole by Direct ContactUp to 300°C heat protection.
  • Anti-slip Outsole in Any Environment
  • Premium nitril / rubber outsole.
  • Provides stability and log control.
  • Tested on ceramic floor lubricated with water and detergent.
  • Tested on metal floor lubricated with glycerine soap.

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The demands of all year round outdoor work in all weather conditions, requires exceptional qualities in footwear. Add to this the hazards of using Chainsaws and brush cutters and the demands become even greater. Some of the protective boots and helmets we sell are zero rated for VAT. According to the VAT rules, we cannot supply zero-rate protective boots or helmets to an employer for the use by their employees - please contact us if you wish to do so. By purchasing zero rated goods you are confirming that you are not an employer.
With the help of your knowledgeable representative Sam Hocking I ordered a pair of chainsaw boots. Twenty three hours later they arrived. I'm impressed. Will certainly order from you again. C Durrant
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