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Garden Pride 56cc Back Pack Blower ((BE QUICK SPECIAL OFFER))

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Garden Pride 56cc Back Pack Blower ((BE QUICK SPECIAL OFFER)) - M2-GP56BPB

Garden Pride leaf blower range, the GP56BPB packs professional features and performance into a compact backpack blower at a price level that will appeal to domestic, leisure and commercial users alike. Impressive blowing capabilities have been achieved by the careful matching of all components used by Garden pride in the manufacture of the GP56BPB Backpack Leaf Blower. The two-stroke air-cooled engine produces a meaty 3.3hp while the high-capacity blower fan generates a maximum air speed of 120 metres/sec equivalent to 286mph at the air delivery nozzle.

The garden pride GP56BPB mounted within a sturdy all-encompassing frame, the engine and blower fans 8kg weight are carried comfortably by any user backpack-style supported by a twin shoulder padded harness.

large diameter tube with flexible insert transports high-speed air from the fan to the nozzle outlet tube. The latter incorporates a comfortable hand-grip that allows the user to direct the air directly towards fallen leaves and any other debris that requires shifting. All the controls are mounted on the nice size hand grip, allowing convenient, fingertip control of the blower over short or longer time.

Designed to provide reliablity and effective blowing capabilities at any time of the year, the GP56BPB leaf blower will prove equally effective on a host of clear-up tasks required within domestic and public gardens, sports clubs, amenity areas, caravan and home park sites and all other locations where it is important to maintain a clean and tidy appearance at all times


  • Single over-shoulder support harness for vacuum operations


  • A semi-professional leaf blower capable of shifting most loose ground-level debris
  • Powered by a reliable, economical two-stroke engine producing 3.3hp
  • Backpack-mounted engine and blower fan supported by twin padded shoulder harness
  • Large diameter nozzle assembly incorporates flexible section for optimum air placement
  • All operating controls mounted on the nozzles hand grip for optimum user convenience
  • A high-quality, high performance leaf blower offered at a very competitive price


  • Engine Model: 56.5cc, recoil start, 2 stroke, full crank
  • Engine Output: 3.3hp / 2.5kW
  • Air Speed: 120m/s
  • Max Blow Speed: 432km/h (286 mph)
  • CE Compliant EU11
  • Weight: 9kg

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Backpack blowers are an economical way to clear fallen leaves, cut grass or rubbish from large areas. They are primarily used by local authorities for clearing public areas, but can be used in larger gardens. Free UK delivery on all Back-pack blowers over £100.
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