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10' Platform Tripod Ladder

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10' Platform Tripod Ladder - HM-10PLATFORM
10' Platform Tripod Ladder 1 leg adjust£325.00
10' Platform Tripod Ladder 3 leg adjust£415.00
10' Platform Tripod Ladder pro 3 leg adjust£455.00
  • Three adjustable legs allow for level and stable steps on very uneven or sloping terrain.
  • Uniquely, all Henchman Tripods include the 7" deep "Platform" rung for safety and comfort
  • Tuck your legs in, gain added support against your thighs, without hitting shins on rung above
  • Top rail for one-handed support whilst working; or for leaning against whilst using both hands
  • Wide, clawed feet are designed to "grab" soft ground and so prevent slipping or sudden sinking
  • The 3-leg 'milking stool' principle makes it impossible to wobble and extremely difficult to topple
  • Narrow top and third leg for access to tight awkwaard spaces.
  • Incredibly light for ease of carriage and storage
  • Rubber'shoes' for added grip and no scratching inside or on hard slippery surfaces
  • Uniquely broad range of height options. Available in 6' to 16' sizes

What makes a Tripod Ladder safer than a normal ladder?

Three is the magic number! Provided you can get your Tripod Ladder to stand up, it is impossible for all three feet not to be in firm contact with the ground, no matter how uneven your garden is. And because of the wide triangular footprint that the splayed legs create you are almost certain to remain within it and therefore prevent wobbling. 

All of our Tripod Ladders come with a wide "Platform" step from which to work which safely supports the whole foot leaving the top 3ft of the ladder to lean against. It also allows you to tuck your knees in, increasing your stability and brace yourself against the inside of the verticals.

The result is a remarkable comfortable, safe and secure stance from which to work on almost any type of garden terrain.

The feet are also designed specifically for soft ground and greatly reduce the risk of slipping or sinking. Their width spreads the weight and inverted cup design "grips" the ground. For slippery surfaces they can be fitted with optional rubber shoes which also work well to protect flooring when used inside.

Having just three legs also allows for greater access in difficult areas which is why they are ideal for fruit picking and topiary work as well as pruning and light hedge trimming.

By rotating the base the "Semi - 1 leg Adjustable" version can handle most gentle slopes but where the slopes are greater and you are faced with steps and banks, the "Fully - 3 leg Adjustable" version comes into its own. With an adjustability of 18" (46cm) on each leg the "Platform" of the ladder can then be made level on more challenging terrains.

The whole ladder is made of high grade aluminium, fully welded under ISO 9001-2000 conditions. The standard version is designed for a 100kg maximum safe workign load whereas the Professional version increases this to 150kg. In spite of this the Tripod Ladder is surprisingly lightweight.  This makes carrying, transporting and storing, a job for one person and makes using it the simplest of chores.

- See more at: https://www.henchman.co.uk/product/48/Platform%20Tripod%20Ladders/Platform%20Tripod%20-%20Fully%203%20Leg%20Adjustable#sthash.IUpmxFdq.dpuf
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