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Stihl FS 111 4-Mix Petrol Double Handle Brushcutter

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Stihl FS 111 4-Mix Petrol Double Handle Brushcutter - S1-FS100
Stihl FS 111 4-Mix Petrol Double Handle Brushcutter £648.00£583.20
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Easy cutting of large areas of tough grass.

With a STIHL 4-MIX engine, easier starting and supplied with an ADVANCE Universal double shoulder harness, the FS 111 is a great machine to work with.

Impressive performance & cutting capacity

As one of the latest machines in STIHL's petrol arsenal, the FS 111 uses their 4-MIX engine, benefiting from 4-stroke mixed lubrication technology. It runs on a fuel-oil mix just like a 2-stroke, but enjoys the advantages of 4-stroke power without the drawbacks. You can expect faster acceleration, increased power and torque, plus lower noise and emissions with a boost to fuel efficiency.

This model comes with an AutoCut mowing head, allowing you to tap the head on the ground to automatically renew the line, as well as a metal grass blade, giving you the versatility to deal with large areas and tough grass in one machine.

Easier than ever to work with

As well as the AutoCut head that makes keeping your mowing line in top condition a breeze, there are several other features in the FS 111 that makes it simple and easy to use. The engine has a larger tank so that you won't have to stop to fill it as often, and a fuel pump helps to reduce the number of starting strokes necessary after long breaks in use. Starting is altogether easier, with a decompression valve minimising the amount of force needed on the starter rope.

The stop-switch also automatically reverts back to the starting position for quick and simple restarting.

A comfortable machine that's a pleasure to use

Supplied as standard with STIHL's ADVANCE Universal double harness, soft padding helps to make working more comfortable during longer jobs, with less fatigue and strain. As well as this, all the engine and speed controls have been positioned to be easily accessible on the multi-function handle, while the bike-handle itself makes for a smooth mowing action and easy guiding of the machine.

Anti-vibration technology whereby oscillations from the engine are dampened resulting in a significant reduction in vibrations in the handles round out this fantastic package.

  • Displacement cm3: 31.4
  • Power output hp: 1.4
  • Sound pressure level with plastic tool dB(A): 95
  • Sound pressure level with metal tool dB(A): 93
  • Performance kW: 1.05
  • Sound power level dB(A): 106
  • Sound power level with metal tool dB(A): 105
  • Vibration value, right with metal tool m/s2: 3.7
  • Vibration value, left with metal tool m/s2: 3.7
  • Weight kg: 5.8
  • Vibration value, right with plastic tool m/s2: 2.9
  • Tank volume l: 0.71
  • Vibration value, left with plastic tool m/s2: 3.7
  • Total length cm: 180
  • Cutting diameter mm: 420
  • Standard cutting tool: AutoCut C 25-2. GSB 230-4


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