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Efco DS4300 TL Full Anti Vibration Pro Brushcutter

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Efco DS4300 TL Full Anti Vibration Pro Brushcutter - E2-DS4300T

The new DS 4300 professional brushcutters are models designed to meet the needs of groundsmen,
gardeners and maintenance contractors confronted frequently with heavy workloads calling for a powerful machine that can sustain superior cutting performance and remain comfortable to handle even after long hours in operation. These new brushcutters incorporate the very latest technological solutions, enabling them to satisfy such
requirements and deliver work rates equal to the highest expectations. All this, with maximum operating economy and endurance, provided by new engines designed to guarantee over 50 minutes uninterrupted operation on a full tank of fuel.

  • Efco 44.2 cc 2.5hp / 1.83kW
  • Light 6.5kg
  • Includes Steel disc cutter with 3 teeth Ø 10” / 255 mm, thickness1,8 mm
  • Tap ‘n Go system Ø 130 mm M8 x 1.25 sx M with Ø 3.0 mm nylon line
  • Professional full body harness
  • Comfort New anti-vibration system and ergonomic handles guarantee comfortable operation at all times, even after long stints.
  • Easy to start,effortless to run, and simple to maintain. Low energy consumption Economy in operation and long endurance. (Takes all the effort out of the pull start recoil)
  • New engines (Euro 2 for DS 4300) of design complying with environmental standards and stringent regulations on emissions.
  • Professional-grade diamond-machined piston and nickel- plated cylinder long-term durability and unfaltering performance guaranteed.
  • High torque at all crankshaft speeds: effective cutting and unfailingly steady work rate, even on particularly dense vegetation.
  • Magnesium nose cone guarantees the perfect combination of resistance to stresses, and lightweight construction.
  • Generously sized paper fi lter element optimum filtering action, ideal for heavily dust-laden environments.
  • Digital coil with electronic control: ensures effortless starting and improves performance, always guaranteeing uniform
    combustion and low fuel consumption.
  • 8 mm internal drive shaft for DS 4400 versions and 7 mm DS 3800 versions, carried in 6 self-lubricating bushes to guarantee maximum power transmission 
  • Primer exposed to view on the engine cowling, for improved access and easier operation. On DS 4200 T versions, the handlebar angle can be adjusted by means of a knob with no need for any tool, and folded against the shaft to make the machine more compact for transport and storage purposes.
  • Dual grip fi ller cap (side and top) and vertical fi ller neck designed for ease of refuelling.
  • New harness attachment system: features a special “S” profi le with 4 fi xing points, making the snap easier to fasten and release.Several optional accessories are available for the various versions (identifi ed by the outer diameter of the shaft arm) to allow different kinds of uses, according to the particular application
  • Efco 3 Year Warranty


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