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Efco DS3600 4T Low Emission 4-Stroke Petrol Brush Cutter

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Efco DS3600 4T Low Emission 4-Stroke Petrol Brush Cutter - E2-DS3600 4T
Efco DS3600 4T Low Emission 4-Stroke Petrol Brush Cutter £529.00£429.17
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The Efco DS3600 4T is professional petrol brush cutter powered by an ultra low-emission four-stroke Honda GX 35 engine.  Employing the latest technology, Efco combines high performance and superior comfort with maximum care for the environment.

This brush cutter is ideally suited to professional and large estate use and it offers the perfect solution to the health and safety requirements of commercial operators and local authorities.  The powerful four-stroke engine on the Efco DS3600 4T Brush Cutter can be tilted through 360º and will continue to run smoothly in any position.

Efco four-stroke engineThe 35.8cc four-stroke engine is also quiet, easy to start and delivers high torque, even at low crankshaft speeds, allowing the operator to tackle tall grass with ease as well as dense vegetation and areas of scrub.
A 7mm thick internal drive shaft offers unwavering top-level quality andthe aluminium recoil housing delivers dependable, long term durability.

  • Engine: 4-stroke Honda GX 35 (EURO II / EPA II)
  • Displacement: 35.8 cm³
  • Bore x stroke: 39mm x 30mm
  • Maximum power output: 1.6hp / 1.2 (7000) HP/kW (rpm)
  • Maximum torque: 1.90 (5500) Nm (rpm)
  • Idling speed: 2800 ÷ 3000 rpm
  • Maximum no load speed: 10000rpm
  • Hourly fuel consumption (at max power output): 432 g/h (rpm)
  • Ignition system: Contactless electronic transistor
  • Spark plug: NGK CMR5H
  • Air filter: Sponge
  • Carburettor: WALBRO
  • Fuel: Unleaded petrol
  • Lubrication: With pressurised oil pump
  • Fuel tank capacity: 0.7 litres
  • Oil tank capacity: 0.1 litres
  • Primer: Yes
  • Shift arm ( Ø ):   26mm
  • Bevel drive (transmission ratio): 1.375 : 1
  • Clutch: Centrifugal (engaging at 3600rpm)
  • Sound pressure (LpA av EN11806 - ISO 7917): 90 (disc) / 97 (nylon head)
  • Sound power (LwA EN ISO 3744 - ISO 10884): 110 (declared) / 108 (measured) dB(A)
  • Vibration level ISO 22867 - Disc: 3.2 Sx / 6.4 Dx 4.6 Sx / 3.9 Dx
  • Vibration level ISO 22867 - nylon stringhead: 4.9 Sx / 8.1 Dx 3.9 Sx / 4.2 Dx
  • Uncertainty EN 12096: 0.8 Sx / 1.3 Dx
  • Anti-vibration system: Antivibration elements on engine housing and on shaft arm
  • Harness: Double
  • Standard nylon stringhead: Tap 'n Go system Ø 130 mm M8 x 1.25 sx M with Ø 3.0 mm nylon line
  • Standard cutting disc: Ø 255 mm 3-tooth disc in special steel, thickness 1.8 mm, Ø 25.4 mm hole (cm)
  • Cutting width (with stringhead): 44
  • Cutting guard: Plastic with line trimming blade
  • In compliance with: EURO/EPA II and CARB


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