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Efco DS 2700T 27CC Petrol Brush Cutter

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Efco DS 2700T 27CC Petrol Brush Cutter - E2-DS2700T
Efco DS 2700T 27CC Petrol Brush Cutter £405.00£337.50
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Efco DS 2700T ideal for undertaking intensive grass clearance work in larger gardens, the DS2700T is part of Efco’s latest generation of high performance petrol brushcutters designed for the demanding home user. It has been built to last and offers superior features throughout.

Equipped with a digital coil for easy starting in any conditions, the Efco DS2700T Petrol Brushcutter places operator comfort and ease of use to the fore. The twin handles have been ergonomically designed to ensure minimum strain is placed on the arms and shoulders. They also help to isolate the hands from vibration, reducing fatigue, and aid the manoeuvrability of the brushcutter.

A lightweight and compact bevel gear drive reduces weight at the head of the machine, making the brushcutter easier to handle and position. The aluminium engine housing ensures maximum strength and durability, even in the face of prolonged use.

The Efco DS2700T Brushcutter has an advanced low emission 27cc (1.3hp – 1.0kW) 2-stroke engine which produces 75% fewer emissions than a standard 2-stroke engine. The exclusive ‘Burn Right’ technology employed by the machine also benefits from greatly reduced fuel consumption (up to 40% less) saving on running costs.

Other quality features on the Efco DS2700T include a centrifugal clutch with shoes made of a sintered material to ensure resistance to stress and long term durability. There is also a paper element in the filter which will protect the engine when operating in dusty conditions.


  • Power/Displacemen    27 cc (1.3 HP – 1.0 kW)
  • Tube diameter    24 mm
  • Grip     handlebar
  • Clutch    yes
  • Fuel tank capacity    0.58 L
  • Blade    3 Tooth, 255 mm diameter
  • Line-head    Tap ‘n’ Go, 130 mm diameter, 2.4 mm nylon line
  • Weight    6.0kg


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