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Efco DS 2400 T Petrol Brushcutter

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Efco DS 2400 T Petrol Brushcutter - E2-DS2400T
Efco DS 2400 T Petrol Brushcutter £329.99£274.00
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Efco's DS 2400 range of brushcutters marks a turnaround for the market by introducing new quality standards that will be hard to relinquish once experienced in terms of performance and comfort.
Designed for the most demanding home user and the professional contractor for the upkeep of difficult green areas.
Thanks to a power to weight ratio that is unequalled in its category, plus ultra compact dimensions, the DS2400T offers a perfect combination of power and manoeuvrability.

  • Piston with 2 rings, diecast cylinder with nickel plating and forged conrod and crankshaft all guarantee an extreme rugged and durable engine.
  • Digital Coil with electronic control  for easier starting, improved performance and better fuel consumption
  • Primer visable on engine cover for easier operation
  • Anti vibration system for enhanced comfort levels during use.
  • Ergonomic operating handle and controls grouped together for easy access.
  • Bevel drive with male threaded pivot simplifies fitting cutting attachments
  • Optional accessories are available


  • Weight:     5.2 Kg
  • Power/Displacement:     1.2 HP - 0.9 kW/21.7 cm³
  • Tube diameter:      24 mm
  • Grip:      Handlebar
  • Clutch:      Yes
  • Fuel tank capacity:      0.4 Litres


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Efco Brushcutters are for heavy-duty work. With different types of blades a Efco brushcutter can clear the heaviest of jungles. Most straight shaft strimmers can be converted into brushcutters by using a universal brushcutter head. Conversely, a brushcutter often comes with an interchangeable strimmer head. Free UK delivery on all Efco Strimmers and brushcutters.
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